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TRA E-Filing System Of Tax Return

TRA E-Filing System Of Tax Return. The purpose of this user guide is to provide step-by-step instructions on how to perform and execute various tasks through the developed system of electronic filing of tax returns  (E-filing).

TRA E-Filing System Of Tax Return

Specifically, this user guide provides guidance for the following processes and/or activities;

  1. Register as an electronic filer of tax returns (e-filer);
  2. Appoint declarants who will submit tax returns on behalf of an entity;
  3. Appoint audit firm and auditors for certification of income tax returns prior to submission to Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA);
  4. File tax returns;
  5. Certification of income tax returns;
  6. Application for extension of time to file tax returns; and
  7. Access and view filed returns, assessments and other relevant information.
TRA e filing system E-filing Tanzania TRA Tanzania E filing VAT return
TRA E-Filing System Of Tax Return

This guide is provided for reference only and is subject to changes without prior notice.  The contents of this guide do not override the provisions of the respective tax laws.

Screenshots and associated information in this guide are intended for illustrations only that are available in user Manual.

Download user manual Here [Attached PDF File With Illustrations]


Enquiries may be made to the Tanzania Revenue Authority by physically visiting nearby
TRA offices or using our contacts

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