Top Trending Instagram Hashtags of 2022


Top Trending Instagram Hashtags of 2022. We all love taking photos, don’t we? From capturing special moments to documenting our lives, we take hundreds of photos every day. But what if I told you that there’s an entire app for taking photos and videos that has become a global phenomenon? Instagram. Whether you’re a seasoned user or someone who’s just getting started, it’s virtually impossible to live without this app.

Top Trending Instagram Hashtags of 2022
Top Trending Instagram Hashtags of 2022

In fact, Instagram is so popular that terms like “insta-famous” and “photo-worthy” have become part of our daily vernacular. The good news is that Instagram is also becoming increasingly important for businesses large and small. According to a recent study, Instagram is the third-most-valuable social media property, with a value of $22.6 billion. (After Facebook and Twitter, of course). Youtube Money Calculator: How Much You Can Make With Your Videos

Why is Instagram so important for businesses?

People are visual creatures – we are attracted to images more than we are to words. This is why visual content is so important on social media – it’s how we digest and understand the world around us. In fact, a report from Umbrage found that visual content dominates social media, with photos and videos taking up to 95% of the total content published.


Visual content is also more engaging than text-based content. In addition, visual content can have a much longer lifespan than text-based content. A photo or video that receives a like or comment can stay “in the minds’ of people longer than a tweet that is simply retweeted or liked,” according to a report from AdWeek.

The Top Trending Instagram Hashtags of 2022

With that in mind, we compiled a list of the most popular hashtags of the year, based on the volume of likes, comments, and location data associated with each hashtag. Here are the top trending instagram hashtags of 2022 :

  1. #love
  2. #fashion
  3. #photooftheday
  4. #beautiful
  5. #photography
  6. #picoftheday
  7. #happy
  8. #follow
  9. #nature
  10. #tbt
  11. #instagram
  12. #travel
  13. #like4like
  14. #style
  15. #repost
  16. #summer
  17. #instadaily
  18. #selfie
  19. #beauty
  20. #girl
  21. #friends
  22. #instalike
  23. #me
  24. #smile
  25. #family
  26. #photo
  27. #life
  28. #likeforlike
  29. #music
  30. #ootd
  31. #makeup
  32. #follow4follow
  33. #amazing
  34. #igers
  35. #nofilter
  36. #model
  37. #sunset
  38. #beach
  39. #design
  40. #motivation
  41. #instamood
  42. #foodporn
  43. #lifestyle
  44. #followforfollow
  45. #sky
  46. #l4l
  47. #f4f
  48. #handmade
  49. #likeforlikes
  50. #cat

How to use Instagram effectively for your business

Now that you know what hashtags are most popular on Instagram, here are a few tips on how to use them for your business. Tinder Gold Mod Apk 2022 Free Download (Premium Unlocked, Super Likes) For Android

  • Make your Instagram account private: Even if only a few people follow your business on Instagram, it’s good practice to make your account private. This way, only those you give the password to can see your posts, and your followers can see the updates of others in their feed. Be sure to give a unique password to each of your social media accounts, so no one else can see the posts you make on that account.
  • Include a “business” or “about” tag in your username: Include your business’s tagline in your username so people can identify your account as coming from a business rather than an individual.
  • Add location information to your posts: When you add location information to your posts, it shows up in the feed of followers who have this particular location set on their profiles. This helps people who want to find your business based on its location, as well as people in your area who may have liked your photos!
  • Use a time-lapse or slow-motion video: If you have an event or milestone that you’d like to immortalize on Instagram, consider using a time-lapse or slow-motion video. People love seeing the world from an interesting angle, and these videos can make it seem like your event is happening right now!
  • Include multiple photos in a single post: When you include multiple photos in a single post, Instagram generates a slideshow that users can swipe between to see all the different angles and scenes included in the post.
  • Create a “Stories” album: If you’ve been posting photos to your account for a while and you have a lot of them, consider creating a “Stories” album. This way, you can tell your story the way you want to without having to include thousands of photos.
  • Tag your friends in your posts: When you tag your friends, it shows up in their feed, and you both get credit for the post. This is especially useful if you’re having a party and you want to invite only certain friends!

How to use hashtags to find the perfect one for your brand

Now that you know how to use hashtags for your brand, it’s time to choose the perfect one for your business. Luckily, this is easier than you think! Here are a few tips.

  • Think about your audience: Who are you targeting with your posts? Who are your ideal customers? Are there any specific customers you want to target? Think about the overall persona of your brand and choose the right hashtags. If you’re targeting people in the food industry, you may want to use #food or #dinner rather than #travel or #coffee.
  • Avoid offensive or inappropriate hashtags: You don’t want to alienate anyone with your posts, and using inappropriate hashtags can do that. While you shouldn’t avoid using popular keywords when marketing to your audience, you should definitely avoid using vulgar language and hashtags that could get your account banned.
  • Avoid using your brand name in a hashtag: While it’s fine to include your business name in your bio or header, you should avoid using it in your hashtags to avoid confusion.


As you can see, there are numerous benefits to cultivating a presence on Instagram. Not only is it a fun social media platform that’s great for connecting with friends and family, but it’s also a great way to boost your business. And, best of all, it’s free to set up and use!

With so many pros to using Instagram, it’s no wonder it’s become such a huge part of modern culture. The only question left is this: Why aren’t you on it?

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