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Technician-Geographical Information System (GIS) At TANESCO (35 POSTS)



i.    To capture GIS field data in different formats using Global positioning system (GPS), electronic data recorders, digitizers and other means;
ii.    To produce as built maps, drawings and monitor construction of distribution network to ensure compliance with the TANESCO’s standards;
iii.    To download, convert and upload GIS data available from internal and external sources to make them usable;
iv.    To update regularly customer data and distribution network infrastructure;
v.    To consult departmental users to identify new customer connections, distribution network extensions, transformer replacement/upgrading, meter replacement, line shift, modifications or any other information for updating on the system;
vi.    To manage the database, while still allowing multi-user access and modifications, so that the integrity of the database is not at risk;
vii.    To create, update and maintain spatial data and ensure GIS data accuracy;
viii.    To design and compile map extracts based on digital map products using GIS;
ix.    To ensure map products reflect correct geographic locations of facilities and have standard of cartographic quality;
x.    To provide end user support and the generation of maps and other GIS reports and information products. Plot maps for use in field locations;
xi.    To compile and organize GIS data from maps, database and other sources;
xii.    To maintain and manage GIS software and hardware and ‘’troubleshooting’’ problems that occur in software and hardware;
xiii.    To perform GIS data quality control, including reviewing data for completeness and accuracy; identifying and correcting errors or omissions in the data;
xiv.    To prepare technical and other GIS related reports; and
xv.    To train GIS users within any scope of their job.


  • Holder of IV or VI secondary certificate with Diploma in either of the followingfields:Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Geomatics, Geo-Informatics, Cartography, or equivalent.
  • At least one year experience in GIS related activities will be an added advantage.


  • As per TANESCO’s Salary Scale


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