Senzo Roles At Yanga Sports Club

Senzo Roles At Yanga Sports Club

Senzo Roles At Yanga Sports Club. GSM Investment Director and Member of the Yanga Registration Committee, Hersi Said, has mentioned the responsibilities of the former Chief Executive Officer of Simba Sports Club Senzo Mazingisa.

Few days since Senzo signed a contract with Yanga immediately after his departure from Simba. Hersi said that, Senzo has landed there to help manage governance within the club and not to be the chief executive.

He added that, it is difficult for Senzo to be the chief executive of Yanga due to the constitution not to allow a foreign leader to perform such major responsibilities.

Yanga Sports Club currently in the final stages of finalizing a leadership transformation system where they recently entered into an agreement with La Liga tasked with overseeing the exercise.

Senzo Roles At Yanga Sports Club

“Senzo is coming for assisting the leadership in the change of governance that leadership has already begun in collaboration with GSM who are in charge of making the exercise a success.

“At the moment he cannot be the chief executive officer as the club’s constitution does not allow such a foreign national leader to be given that role.” said Hersi Said.

Senzo Roles At Yanga Sports Club
Senzo Roles At Yanga Sports Club

In reported that, Senzo went to Simba last night and handed over all the club’s office and equipment, including a 2020 Mercedes-Benz given to him by the club’s investor, billionaire Mohammed Dewji ‘Mo’.

At the same time, Simba’s management has said it will be difficult for Senzo to start work within Yanga as his work permit identifies him as Simba’s property.

Crescentius Magori, the former Chief Executive of Simba who replaced by Senzo, said that

“The current work permit shows that he is an employee of Simba, we must prove by going to the Ministry of Home Affairs where he was given a permit and then let him go where he wants, this is not a trick it is just a procedure Yanga must come and give them permission to start work for them.”. Senzo Roles At Yanga Sports Club

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