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Yanga Sc Kufaidika Vipi Na Mkataba Na La Liga | How Yanga Will Benefit Contract With La Liga

Yanga Sc Kufaidika Vipi Na Mkataba Na La Liga | How Yanga Will Benefit Contract With La Liga, Yanga.Com, Mkataba Wa Yanga Na GSM na La Liga, Yanga Na La Liga, Mechi Za Yanga,

Yanga Sports Clubs in collaboration with GSM today going to sign treaty with La Liga toward changes of new System of administration of their club that founded in 1935 with their Headquarters in Dar es Salaam at Jangwani Street. Also Yanga sports Clubs famously know as “Jangwani, Timu Ya Wananchi

Let see three things which Yanga Sports Club will benefit from the contract with La Liga that going to be signed today 31th, May 2020

1. Sports Management.

This is an area where our colleagues have achieved so much so that in this contract Yanga Sc will be helped to manage their organization based on the professionalism of the Games. The biggest problem I often see and why I support this change is the way our teams fail to sustain the successes. Failure to start where they ended and daily seem to start a fresh. Yanga’s role is now to model and focus on professional advice in running games.

2. Marketing Strategies

With the biggest of Yanga, it’s unbelievable to hear them starving and unable to run. Everyone wants to use the Yanga Sc brand but Yanga Sc themselves fail to make much money due to their size. La liga will help show how to sell Yanga sc value in the market.

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3. Membership and fans management

Yanga is a huge club for fans, I’m not sure how many fans have become members but the advent of the liga will help Citizens use resources and fill the stadiums and make Yanga Sc stronger from the stadium to the internet. Fans are a very important resource and since La Liga are working in the best league in the world then there is every way for Yanga to start filling the stadiums If plans go the same way.

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