20 Government Jobs At Dar es Salaam Municipal Council ( Salary 150,000 Tsh)

20 Government Jobs At Dar es Salaam Municipal Council.The Dar es Salaam City has a total surface area of 1,393 square kilometers, which is about 0.15% of the entire Tanzania Mainland’s area. According to the 2012 population census, the City had a population of 4,364,541 of which 2,125,786 (48.7%) are males and 2,238,755 (51.3%) are females.

The City has five (5) Municipal Councils and by their embedded administrative functions they form Municipals of the Dar-es Salaam Region. The 5 Municipals are: Temeke Municipal Council, Kinondoni Municipal Council, Ilala Municipal Council, Ubungo Municipal Council and Kigamboni Municipal Council.

Functions of the Council

According to the Local Government Act 1982, (Revised Edition 2002) The Council has the following responsibilities:-

  1. To coordinate the powers and functions of the Urban Authorities within Dar es Salaam region regarding infrastructure and land use planning.
  2. To prepare a coherent City wide framework for the purpose of enhancing sustainable development.
  3. To promote cooperation between the City Council and/amongst Local Government Authorities within City areas.
  4. To support and facilitate the overall functioning and performance of the Dar es Salaam Urban Authorities.
  5. To provide peace, security and emergency services such as Fire prevention, Control ambulances and City Auxiliary police services.

20 Government Jobs At Dar es Salaam Municipal Council

The following below are 20 Government Jobs At Dar es Salaam Municipal Council


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