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Job Opportunities At HJFMRI Tanzania Program


Job Opportunities At HJFMRI Tanzania Program. Join us in our efforts to end the HIV epidemic in Tanzania. Be part of the winning team to advance global health and save the lives of people living with HIV.

About HJFMRI Tanzania Program

The Walter Reed Program Tanzania (WRP-T) is a collaborative effort that supports PEPFAR-funded HIV prevention and treatment activities in the Southern Highlands and within the Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF). HJF Medical Research International, Inc Tanzania (HJFMRI-T) is a local non-profit that has supported these efforts since 2004 for the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). PEPFAR activities are conducted in close collaboration with the Tanzania Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children; and the President’s Office of the Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG), through the Regional and Council Health Management Teams.

HJFMRI-T provides care and treatment to people affected by HIV/AIDS and has been actively involved in HIV and AIDS programming, providing resources, personnel, and services to the Southern Highlands Zone. The program has expanded from supporting the Mbeya Zonal Referral Hospital to becoming a hub for antiretroviral treatment in the zone; to community support through decentralized services, with the overall objective of implementing research, clinical HIV, prevention, care, and treatment services. HJFMRI-T currently focuses specifically on four regions in the Southern Highlands zone, namely Mbeya, Rukwa, Katavi, Songwe, and Ruvuma for VMMC services only. The program also supports TPDF to implement a comprehensive HIV prevention care and treatment program in 21 sites throughout the country.


Employment opportunities:

HJF Medical Research International, Inc. Tanzania (HJFMRI-T) is seeking qualified candidates to fill the positions listed below:

Job Title:  Senior Financial Analyst

Reports to: Finance Manager


Location: Mbeya

General Overview

The purpose of the Senior Financial Analyst (SFA) position is to provide senior-level guidance and direction in all phases of financial management services at HJFMRI-TZ. This includes budget preparation, formulation, financial analysis, presentation, and reporting. The Senior Financial Analyst consolidates budget data and provides a viable overview of the financial situation to both the HJFMRI-TZ programs and their partners. SFAs provide financial advice to managers to enhance program planning and effective decisionmaking. Additionally, she/he will seek to implement financial guidelines and processes with respect to the requirements from both the US Government, HJFMRI-TZ, and HJFMRI-HQ.

General Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordination of monthly the wire forecast exercise through a timely collection of monthly projections from departments, reviewing them, consolidating and sharing with Finance Manager before submitted to Senior Finance Director for review.
  • Coordination and implementation of Quarterly Expenditure Analysis through proper extracting of Central expenses and analyze them by location, by expenditure nature, and category
  • Coordinate and execute the preparation of the Quarterly Central expenditures financial performance reports/Unit costs

Budget Preparation/Formulation

  • The Senior Financial Analyst establishes and maintains an annual budgeting calendar that includes the establishment of a yearly program/operational budget and a cycle of budgetary reviews;
  • Advises and guides Program and Operational Managers, as well as, HJFMRI partners in budget preparation, submission, and fiscal allocation;
  • Reviews and supervises the creation, submission, and collation of budget;
  • Coordinate the dissemination of approved budgets throughout the organization and explain issues as requested;
  • Coordinate full integration of the role of Senior Financial Analyst within the Finance Team, ensuring synergy between the existing positions and this one;
  • Ensure all approved budgets are entered into QuickBooks in a timely manner, and pull reports from the same

Budget and Budget Process Review

  • Ensures all proposed Program, Operational, and partners budgets submitted are reviewedin respect to accuracy, completeness and compliance;
  • Examines whether budget submissions can be achieved based on known capacity constraints and inform the management of potential problem areas;
  • Coordinates the creation and/or proposal enhancements to budget models and tools:
  • Supervises the review of all budget templates for calculation errors;
  • Ensures and supervises the comparison of budgets to actual at the end of each reporting period and identify areas of significant variance;
  • Coordinates with WRP managers and partners to ensure that budget adjustments are made in accordance with program changes;
  • Coordinates the summarized budgets and submit recommendations for the approval or disapproval of fund requests;


  • Ensures the creation of consolidated budget versions for management review and approval.
  • Supervises the financial analyst to liaise with the Contract and Grants Manager and Outreach Team to establish Partner budgets in an integrated, timely, and cost-effective way.
  • Ensures an informed communication of budget efficiency and effectiveness is created and presented to management by creating summarized reports, PowerPoint presentations summarizing results of budget analysis.

Capacity Building and Systems Development

  • Works with the appropriate staff in Mbeya and at HQ, to continually develop user-friendly, useful, and insightful financial tools and reports for both internal and external evaluation of program activities;
  • Finds ways to enhance the skill sets of WRP staff and partners in all aspects of budgeting and financial management;
  • Assist in implementing best practices regarding financial management and budgeting. Coordinates the development and facilitation of training sessions and educational materials designed to increase WPR staff and partner abilities to budget, forecast, track expenses by program areas, and report.


  • Contribute to team-wide communications and planning;
  • Participate in staff events and meetings;
  • Highly ethical and professional
  • Undertake other project-based work when requested by the Finance Manager or Sr. staff.

Education Qualifications

  • A bachelor or Master’s degree (strongly preferred) in one of the following areas, including accounting, finance, business, economics, statistics;
  • Strong analytic and policy analysis backgrounds that may be obtained through such majors as political science, economics, public administration, or public finance.
  • Both quantitative and analytical skills
  • Strong numerical and analytical skills, courses in statistics or accounting are helpful, regardless

Other qualifications

  • Budget analysts must abide by strict ethical standards.
  • Integrity, objectivity, and confidentiality are all essential when dealing with financial information, and budget analysts must avoid any personal conflicts of interest.
  • Mathematical skills and should be able to use software packages, including spreadsheet, database, data-mining, financial analysis, and graphics programs.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills also are essential, because budget analysts must prepare, present, and defend budget proposals to decision­makers. In addition, budget analysts must be able to work under strict time constraints.

Position: Mechanic Cum Driver


Reports to: Logistics Manager

Position Overview

Supports operations by ensuring proper usage, regular maintenance, and repairs of program vehicles for high performance. Undertakes driving assignments within and outside assigned areas as required.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Facilitate and/or carry out routine maintenance of program vehicles.
  • Advise on, facilitate and/or carry out non-routine maintenance of program vehicles as needed.
  • Inspect and diagnose mechanical problems, facilitate and/or carry out repairs where applicable, and advise supervisor and staff on program vehicles’ repairs.
  • Provide technical guidance on major program vehicles’ repairs or disposal.
  • Investigate and establish root causes of all program vehicle breakdowns and damages.
  • Prepare program vehicles’ repair, maintenance, accident, or incident reports as needed.
  • Assist in the recovery of broken-down vehicles.
  • Ensure that program vehicles are safe to drive, particularly following incidents such as minor crashes or major repairs.
  • Give technical assistance and coordinate the procurement of genuine vehicle parts for maintenance and repairs.
  • Give technical guidance to other vehicle users to polish driving skills and ensure the safe use of the program vehicles.
  • Ensure program vehicles are clean and have all the requisite safety gadgets such as fire extinguishers, dusters, basic tools, equipment, valid road certificates, and insurance.
  • Inform appropriately on renewal of motor vehicles insurance and other licenses, as applicable, to comply with ethical practice and applicable Tanzanian traffic rules and regulations as required.
  • Drive staff and visitors to, from, and within the assigned locations, safely and prudently, as and when required.
  • Maintain logbooks and report regularly to the logistics manager on the performance of assigned program vehicles.
  • Ensure that spares, tools, and first aid kits are carried; fuel and water are maintained as required.
  • Perform other mechanic/driver-related tasks as required or assigned by supervisor, in accordance with the job purpose, to ensure efficient operation of the program.

Relevant Experience and Qualifications

  • Trade test grade one or CBET/CBA Level III in motor vehicle mechanics from VETA or any other reputable motor vehicle mechanics technical institution.
  • Any advanced driving certificate from VETA or Tanzania National Institute of Transport.
  • Holder of a certificate of secondary education examination (form four certificate).
  • Have a valid class C driving license.
  • Five (5) years’ relevant mechanics cum driving experience, with a clean record.
  • Be well versed with Tanzania road traffic rules/laws and road traffic (amendment) act.
  • Prior experience working with USG funded programs is desirable.
  • Ability to conduct troubleshooting and minor repairs on vehicles.
  • Proven knowledge of roads and towns throughout Tanzania.
  • Ability to write basic mechanical and non-mechanical reports.
  • Any certificate in vehicle inspection and road safety, defensive driving and planned preventive maintenance for motor vehicles will be an added advantage.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English and Kiswahili.
  • Experience in general servicing and mechanical problems diagnosis, for both diesel and petrol engines.
  • Knowledge of computers will be an added advantage.
  • Must be a Tanzanian citizen.

Key Competencies

  • A team player who demonstrates patience, flexibility, and honesty.
  • Willingness and ability to meet tight deadlines and work long hours when required.
  • A self-starter, who is able to plan and manage their own work, takes initiative, and strives to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Be flexible enough to travel to sites at any moment to recover broken vehicles as needed.
  • Be able to work in a multicultural environment.

Job Title: Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Program Advisor, TPDF Program

Reports to:                    Chief of Party, TPDF Program

Location:                       Dares Salaam

About HJF Medical Research International (HJFMRI):

With headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, HJFMRI works to support global health programs in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Thailand. The Global Health Program in Tanzania works in tandem with the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF), Ministry of Health (MOH), and President’s Office-Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG) and in collaboration with non-government entities (NGO), Community-Based Organizations (CBO), and Faith-Based Organizations (FBO) with the purpose of creating a lasting health change in Tanzania. Our commitment to partnerships at every level and our multidisciplinary approach enable us to have a lasting impact on the communities.

General Overview:

The purpose of this position is to provide technical advice to the HJFMRI-supported TPDF HIV/AIDS program and ensure quality improvement initiatives are mainstreamed into a comprehensive HIV prevention, care, and treatment program. The Continuous Quality Improvement Advisor will be part of a team of experts whose focus will mainly be to improve the quality of the HIV/AIDS services supported by HJFMRI to the TPDF.S/he will be based in Dar es Salaam with frequent (up to 40%) travels to the program-supported sites for different quality improvement activities. The CQI Program Advisor reports to the Chief of Party, TPDF.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Technically support TPDF sites to mainstream CQI activities in their work plans and monitor the implementation of these activities.
  • Build capacity of TPDF facility teams to ensure quality improvement activities are practiced at the facility level
  • Revive, newly establish and/or maintain facility CQI teams and support the teams to apply and monitor CQI interventions to improve the quality of services
  • Ensure availability and use of all national policies, guidelines, training manuals, recording and reporting tools and information, education, and communication materials that relate to the Quality Improvement Program/lnitiative.
  • Together with other technical advisors in the program, as well as facility and TPDF staff, develop clinical program quality indicators and track them over time, using the results for remediation of gaps and challenges in a timely manner
  • Receive Ql reports from Ql sites on a regular basis, analyze the data, and submit written reports to the site leadership and HJFMRI technical team.
  • Participate in Ql meetings at the zonal level, notably for program staff and representatives of implementing partners to discuss Ql issues
  • Participate in Ql meetings at local and national levels (GoT and USG)

Facilitate and participate in site visits to Ql programs and projects to assess the progress in implementation and to deal with challenges

  • Effectively collaborate with facility-based clinical teams and health facilities’ CQI teams to provide technical assistance and periodically measure and improve the quality of HIV/AIDS and related care.
  • Build an organized mentorship capacity at the zonal level and develop tools for tracking the program achievements.
  • Assure consistency of HIV/AIDS care and treatment services in supported sites as per established national guidelines as HIV/AIDS services are decentralized to satellite levels.
  • Coordinate and conduct training of health care workers in HIV/AIDS care-related Ql activities.
  • Collaborate with TPDF to identify CQI implementation gaps and develop evidence-based interventions to rectify and maintain quality HIV/AIDS services.
  • Collaborate with HJFMRI technical leads and TPDF to develop an effective and coordinated approach to supportive supervision.
  • Effectively work with facility-based clinical teams to provide on-site Ql consultations and coaching to supported sites using information gathered during assessments such as supportive supervision and SIMS visits, so that identified gaps and challenges are remediated using evidence-based CQI approaches
  • Communicate best practices and updates to ensure consistency in the program application and to maximize effectiveness in overall program implementation and management

Required Skills, Knowledge & Experience

  • MD with a degree in Public Health is an added advantage.
  • At least 5 years experience with HIV/AIDS care and treatment programs supported by PEPFAR.
  • Prior experience coordinating HIV/AIDS quality improvement initiatives.
  • Experience in planning and implementation of HIV & AIDS programs, particularly PEPFAR funded programs.
  • Conversant with national CQI policies and guidelines’
  • Strong interpersonal, oral, and written communication and presentation skills in English
  • Excellence in mentorship, coaching, facilitating, and team-building skills
  • Demonstrable understanding of monitoring and evaluation, especially data analysis
  • Willingness to abide by all ethics and compliance policies of HJFMRI


Cover letters and resumes should be sent by mail through post/EMS/DHL/ or any reliable Courier to the Human Resources and Administration Manager, P.O. Box 6396, Mbeya, or sent through e-mail to [email protected].

NOTE: To be considered, applicants must put the TITLE OF THE JOB in the SUBJECT LINE. 

Applications that are hand-delivered will not be accepted. The deadline for submitting the application is April 28, 2021. Those who do not meet the minimum requirements, as detailed in the job description below, will not be considered.



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