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How To Get Job Fast, 3 Things to Avoid

How To Get Job Fast, 3 Things to Avoid

Unemployment is certainly a challenge facing many graduates. According to various figures, between 800,000 and 1,000,000 job seekers enter the labor market each year. Data used from Tanzania on how to get job fast.

This large group, unfortunately, encounters an environment in which the job market is less than 100,000.

What are the Reason for Unemployment?

1. Government’s limited capacity to recruit

This is the case for many reasons. First, it is the Government’s limited capacity to recruit. According to statistics from the Bureau of Statistics (NBS) among the 594,300 job applicants in the government through the Secretariat of Employment from November 2015 to December 2018, only 6,554 equals 1.1 percent of those who are employed.

That means that of the 100 graduates entering the job market right now, only one or two are likely to find employment.

2. Lack Of Expansion Of Private Sector

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How To Get Job Fast

But second is the lack of expansion of the private sector. For example, in 2013/14 the industry employed 408,756 people, down from 137,054 for 2017/18. This means that the work space is not enough to meet the demand.

3. Education System In Tanzania

The third reason is an education system that continues to face young people with the hope of employment but does not prepare them for the realities of life.

The theories we teach at the universities help our students think and pass exams but sometimes they do not help them build skills.

As a result the gap between the demand for the labor market and the qualifications of graduates continues to widen. In such circumstances, the young man you enter into the labor market must organize.

How to get job fast

Before you start writing letters to apply for employment avoid the following mistakes  on how to get job fast.

1. Assuming you have the right to be employed

This is a painful truth for a young man you long to be employed. The teachers didn’t tell you but the truth is that the environment has changed.
Street life is a very competitive market for selling and buying. The product purchased is a skill you possess and the buyer is an employer who can pay for that knowledge.

The data we mentioned above compels us to agree with the fact that the ability of employers to create employment opportunities does not satisfy the real market demand.

This market competition is most affecting you young man you believe you cannot survive without selling your skills to employers. The solution is to change focus.

Instead of thinking about how to sell your skills through employment, try to figure out how to use your skills for a career that will help you run your life.

Satisfaction with the theory In college you were taught many theories according to the area you studied. I’m sure you understood that is why you passed the exams and successfully graduated.

But, the challenge is that on the street your competition does not depend on the quality of your certificate. What matters to the few employers they hire is skills. The person who has the extra power to bring results is the most visible.

The implication is that if you still need to be employed you have extra work to cut yourself and add value to compete.

Also, a good employer is looking for a creative person who can think outside of practice. Unfortunately at college you are not given the opportunity to show more creativity in singing what you have been taught.

You have the extra work to learn to be creative. The place to start is to use what you know to try to bring unusual answers to the challenges that exist. If you don’t do this the job search will be more work.

2. Choosing a job

How To Get Job Fast
How To Get Job Fast

I know you read a profession for you because you liked it. Sometimes you liked it because you thought it would give you more respect in the eyes of the community. Another time your interests and profession were influenced by the prospect of income. Since we all like to live a good life of study to earn a decent wage it is understandable.

Also, you may have chosen your field because you believed that was your calling. I know when you work in line with your calling you feel good.

All three of these unfortunate events can turn you into a career choice. If you don’t get what you want, you find it best to stay home or in the countryside. Don’t make that mistake.

During this time when you are looking for a way to penetrate a highly competitive labor market, accept the cost of doing what you don’t like and then find what you love. Many successful people applied this principle.

5. Ignoring your talents

How To Get Job Fast
How To Get Job Fast

If you ask many young people, “What talent do you have?” others are stunned. “Me?” They do not believe in their talents. The fact is that God did not deprive everyone of the gift. Studies show that a person’s success is tied to his or her talents.

Repeat the sentence. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your talents. Despite reading, still brilliant will protect you. Again education with The benefits, in most cases, are those that nurture your talents. Invest in your talents. It is very likely that this is the work God has chosen for you since you were born.


For today let end here. That is how to get job fast so amkw sure you work on those issues to market yourself in the market of employment.

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