How to get ABS (Abnormal Muscles)


How to get ABS (Abnormal Muscles). The last sign of good physical condition is a constant image of the abdominal muscles exploding under a low percentage of body fat. The abdominal muscles are part of good physical health, whether you are male or female. This social fact is not unreasonable: if you have abdominal muscles, it shows that you have invested more than the necessary attention in reducing diet and hard exercise.

How to get ABS (Abnormal Muscles)
How to get ABS (Abnormal Muscles)

So if you want to belong to that narrow group of people who can boast such a shape, you may be wondering how to gain abdominal muscles. Although this approach seems impossible to you, believe me, it is not as difficult as you think. However, we emphasize the fact that more or less everyone gets abdominal muscles if they follow certain plans. In fact, this process is easier if you love this lifestyle. Restrictions on food and exercise then disappear on their own, so you don’t have to force yourself to do so. And love that lifestyle is never hard. Below we will explain how to get abs

How to get abs (abdominal muscles) by controlling your diet

You’ve all heard the saying: tummy tuck is done in the kitchen! If you are thinking about getting your belly up, this saying is quite true. This means that it is impossible to train and burn a lot of calories because calories are easy to eat and consume. In other words, it takes a lot of effort to spend just one slice of pizza, so if you eat too much, you won’t spend enough time all day. On the other hand, if you just adjust your diet and do not start exercising, and if you are in a caloric deficit this way, you can lead your body to a significant loss of fat.


Here’s how to control the abdominal muscles in your diet: eat 6 small meals, eat complex carbohydrates and reduce your total carbohydrate intake, discard all carbohydrate drinks and other juices, bakery products and sweets you strictly avoid, regular intake of fish and food with High in fiber are healthy. fat from nuts, drink plenty of water and skip meals or meals full of egg whites and healthy fats.

How to get ABS (Abnormal Muscles) by training

In the previous chapter, we described how you can gain abdominal muscles by restricting your diet. But you need to know one thing: the abdominal muscles are like any other muscle: you need to strengthen them to look better. So if you don’t strengthen these muscles, it’s harder to see, even if you lose excess fat in your diet. Therefore, we recommend strength exercises, from 6 to 12 repetitions, which focus on the development of abdominal muscles, such as abdominal weight, lifting the legs on a barbell, barbell with weights and the like. Aerobic exercise can also help you lose weight. Calories are important if your goal is to get a stomach.

Exercise your stomach every day, in four series. Finally, if you are interested in getting abdominal muscles, then you need to take care of another important thing and that is sleep. Sleep is the key to recovery and your abdominal muscles grow even more when you sleep. In addition, if you have a sleep disorder, you have a better chance of gaining weight.

10 Tips how to get abs

  1. Combine full body workouts and interval cardio training.
  2. Eat less and exercise more.
  3. Eat fat burn foods.
  4. Relax your abs.
  5. Mix exercises for the abdomen.
  6. Improve your posture.
  7. Believe in “slow and steady”
  8. Including your abdominal muscles.
  9. Ignore the rule of upper versus lower abs
  10. Intensify your daily activities


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