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Coca-Cola Kwanza Graduate in Training (GIT) Program

The Coca-Cola Kwanza Graduate in Training (GIT) Program gives you the opportunity to work for the world’s leading brand. The one year program is an accelerated development program that will give you a taste of life at Coca-Cola Kwanza, excellent opportunities for career progression and learn about leadership. This program develops world class leaders through functional and cross functional rotation, challenging assignments, business projects, integrated training and development, and formal coaching and mentoring programs.

The program entails courses designed to enable the GIT Leaders to learn the trade, broaden their business understanding and acquire foundation functional skills. Our open-door culture enables you to work directly with senior management to map your career path and ensure that your valuable contribution is acknowledged and rewarded.

Program Benefits

  • Professional & Technical Skills Development
  • Leadership Exposure
  • Performance Evaluation, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Induction
  • Business Exposure
  • Functional & Cross Functional Rotation

Apply to the function that best fits your profile

To apply to any function, you must:

  • Have graduated with an Upper Second honours or higher
  • Graduated within the past 2 years
  • Be legally able to work in Tanzania.

Additional Qualifications to Apply:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced Diploma in Automotive Engineering OR
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics with Automotive Specialisation

Additional Qualifications to Apply:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science, Mechanical, Chemical or Process Engineering

Additional Qualifications to Apply:

  • Diploma/Bachelor’s Degree in Finance/Accounting or a related field

Knowledge & Insights

Additional Qualifications to Apply:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Econometrics, Economics, Actuarial Science, or Statistics

Application Step Coca-Cola Kwanza Graduate in Training (GIT) Program

Step 1: Application Process. 

Apply to the program by choosing a function listed above that best fits your profile. We will ask you a series of short questions about your background and aptitude.

• If you are selected to move to the next stage (we’ll let you know within three weeks), you’ll proceed to take an online assessment on the Shortlist platform.

Intake for the Application Process closes at 5pm (Tanzania Time) on Friday, 30th July. You will not be able to apply after this.

Step 2: Screening Process

• Functional Assessment: This is your time to shine!  Show us what you know about your area of specialisation through a series of questions that test your technical abilities.

If you successfully pass this stage, we’ll share your profile with CCBA Kwanza for their further consideration. Shortlist will let you know within ten days whether you have passed this stage. 

Step 3: Coca-Cola Kwanza Review

  • The Coca-Cola Kwanza team will reach out to those candidates that they would like to take forward in the Graduate-in-Training application process. This stage could include additional tests and interviews with the Coca-Cola Kwanza team.

Step 4: Offer Stage

  • If you have successfully passed Coca-Cola Kwanza review, you will be given an offer to join the CCBA Coca-Cola Kwanza Graduate-in-Training Program.

For more information Visit official webage Coca-Cola Kwanza Graduate in Training (GIT) Program

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