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BRICSMATH competition For Students Grade 1 – 12

Inviting all parents and teachers of learners from Grade 1 – 12 to register learners to take part in this year’s BRICSMATH competition. The competition is held online and is completely free of charge.

BRICSMATH.COM+ is an international online math competition that brings together children from 7 countries.

Main goal of BRICSMATH.COM+

The main goal of the competition is to develop students’ logic skills, broaden their minds, and help them understand some basic concepts that they can apply in real life.

Interactive tasks on math, spatial thinking and logic

Students completing BRICSMATH.COM+ tasks on logic and spatial thinking try new non-standard approaches, learn to analyse and look for rational solutions, and develop their logical reasoning skills.

Trial round21 September – 18 October 2021

The trial round gives students an opportunity to practice before the main round.

The results of the trial round do not affect the main round.

Main round

19 October – 22 November 2021

In the main round, students have 60 minutes to complete all the tasks. It is not mandatory to complete the preparatory round or the trial round to participate in the main round.

Once the student logs out, the test is automatically submitted.

Awards For BRICSMATH Competition

Certificates for participation in the preparatory round of the competition will be available on on August 1.

To receive the certificates and see the results, you need to log into the website with your username and password and go to your personal account.

Both the students and the teachers can download the certificates.

For more information Visit official Webpage BRICSMATH Competition 

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