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“Yanga Sc Still Have Faith On Head Coach Nabi” Senzo

Yanga Executive Officer, Senzo Mbatha has assured members and fans that the leadership has faith in coach Nasraddine Mohammed Nabi and had no plans to remove him.

Senzo dispels rumors that have been circulating on social media and in the media about Coach Nabi that he is sitting dry.

“We heard the news, we took it as propaganda, we have goals with our team, we had no reason to say anything and it is not our responsibility to respond or clarify every rumor.”


He has expressed his happiness to the coach, players and other leaders in general who, as the executive of all club activities, has been impressed by the rapid change of squad.

“This is our third competitive match, we still have a lot of faith in the coach as the team is getting stronger. “I, the leadership and everyone are interested in the change of team as Nabi continues to improve, we know many players are new to the squad, so they need time,” he said.

“Players are improving every match. What they started with is now different. We have the right people on the technical bench, the players with the highest standards. It is a great comfort to me and to everyone at the club, “said Senzo.

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