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What Should Do Registering or Transferring to “”

What should I do Registering or Transferring to “”. Office of the President, Service and Good Governance. Government Agency Network is the only registrar of names of all and networks, so it has the legal authority to register all network names for Government Entities.
This is in the implementation of the National ICT Policy (2003).  For more information please download here the Government Website Address Names Standards
1. Public Institution
2. Website Address Registration Form (Download Here)
3. Form Forwarding Website Address Download Here
4. Registration / Transfer Fees for website addresses per year is Tsh.  25,000 / =
Procedure for Transferring To
1. Complete the registration form or Transfer of website address
2. Pay the registration / transfer of site addresses through the E-Government Agency Revenue Account A / C. 20110002340, NMB Bank after receiving the payment reference number.
3. Attach the registration / transfer address of the site along with the bank payment form
4. Submit the form via email ([email protected]) /([email protected]) or S.L.P 4273 DSM.
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