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Watch a film of roma (2018) by Alfonso cauron (coroon) and give critical analysis of the film

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Watch a film of roma (2018) by Alfonso cauron (coroon) and give critical analysis of the film

Film analysis is the process in which film is analyzed in terms of semiotics, narrative structure, culturalcontext, and mise-en-scene, among other approaches.
critical analysis of a film In a critical analysis essay, you systematically evaluate a work’s effectiveness including what it does well and what it does poorly. It can be used to discuss a book, article or even a film.
The following is the short description of the critical fim analysis  of the ROMA  film where by:-
Is the drama movie that explains the semi- autobiographical take on cauron upbringing in the colonial Roma neighborhood of Mexico city,which show the life of a live in housekeeper of a middle class family.
The film was written and directed by ALFONSO CAURON who also acted as producer with GabrielaRodriguez and Nicholas celis.ROMA film started to produced on 8 September 2016 focusing on aMexican  family I Mexico city in the 1970’s and then film was released on 30  August 2018 in venice 21November 2018,in United state 14 December 2018 as in Mexico and the film took two hour and fifteenminutes.

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The film us telling the story of the women called Cleo who live with the family of Dr.Antonio with his wife Mrs. Sofia and they are four children’s and Teresa the Sofia mother and also Adela the friend of Cleo where by Adela and Cleo lived as the closely friend  in which sometimes take they are time to meet withthey are fiance and later on Cleo was pregnanted by her fiance Fremin who later run away and left Cleo with pregnant where  later on Cleo got a baby and her baby passed away and Cleo remain with nochildren also the story was the same as the sofia story who lefted by her husband Antonio who decidedto left the family and thus Cleo remain in the family while helping Sofia and hence libe together.
By considering the form and content the following are the form which used in the movie of Roma:-
Plot is a literary term used to describe the events that make up a story, or the main part of a story. These events relate to each other in a pattern or a sequence. Where by the movie of Roma plot is straight forward where by the movie started from the begging telling the story of semi-auto biographical take on caurons that is to say the movie started to show the life of Dr. Antonio with his family and lateron show the life of Sofia after being left by Dr. Antonio and Cleo after lefted by her fiance hence the plotwas in straight forward due to the arrangement of event in the movie.
Language:-Language that used in the film is mixed where by some of the character such as Cleo andAdela were speaking Mexico language and the women’s story telling voice were in Mexico languagewhere by also English language has used in the movie for example in the cinema house.
Camera Movements
In camera Movements in this film there is the use of as follow:-
Panning :- This is the movement of camera vertical where by this it has being used mostly in the moviefor example it has been used I  the kitchen when Cleo prepare the tea.
Medium:-This has used in order to show the feelings of the character for example this has being usedwhere Cleo was in the bath room alone and another time when she was left with her fiance Fremin andstart to think about him hence there is the use of medium shoot in  the movie.
Camera angle
This is the way angle used in the movie for  example there are low angle in the movie and this has beingshown in the morning where Dr. Antonio traveled with his car then low angle shown in the car where bywe have see the way car started to move on and also low angel has been used when Cleo was cleaningthe floor Therefore in the movie there is low angle of the camera used.
The following are the content of the movie of Roma:-
Content of the movie has consider different thing such as themes,lesson and relevance of the moviewhere by the following are the themes of the movie
Family separation
This is the situation where by family become separate either can happen between parents to thechildren or children to the parents or it can happen between two people who are close.Fore example inthis movie we have seen separation where by Dr Antonio left his family due to work and his childrenmissed him and his wife but he didn’t come back and Sofia remain as the family care also there areseparation between Cleo and her fiance Fremin and this happend after Cleo become pregnant hence inthe movie there is separation of family.
True love
In the movie of Roma we have seen true love between Sofia to Cleo where by Sofia has shown true loveto Cleo and this is after Cleo being presented by Fremin she showed the true love by care Cleo by taking her to the hospital and accept her and live with her in her house without care her situation even after her fiance Fremin left her alone Sofia keeping on loving her hence she has true love with Cleo.Also thereis true love between Cleo and Sofia children’s where by she was realy love them and care them hence it’s true love.

Position of women

In this movie the women has been shown in different ways such as family care and this is shown where Sofia care the family after her husband left the family and show the true love to the family.Also the women has drawn as educated person this is where we have seen the nurse and women doctors in the hospital who take Cleo in check up and children care hence women seen as the educated person.
This has been shown by Cleo who was responsible in Sofia house where by she was performing all theactivities including children’s care without any complain hence she was responsible also Sofia was responsible in her family even if she was lefted by her husband.
Message of the movie
The movie provide message to the society that the issue of family care it’s not for women only but it’sfor both husband and wife .Also to run away from the problem is not the solution but the solution is to face the problem.
Relevance of the movie
The movie is relevance in our today society where by there some boys who run way from their fiance after pregnant them and also I  our society there some girls who are still working as the house keeping therefore the movie is directly related to our society.

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Therefore by considering the philosophy and the point of view the movie of ROMA  the film wassuccessful in shown the reality of the society where by they have draw women in the aspect that is thesame as today society  and also they have successed to use the tools which used in 1970’s forexamplethe choose of colour such as black and white which was used before the development of technology.
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