UTUMISHI Important NOTICE For Job Seekers April 2020

UTUMISHI Important NOTICE For Job Seekers April 2020

The Public Service Secretariat requires all job applicants government jobs to make sure they use their real numbers given to them by the Authority of National Identities (NIDA) as it has manifested the character of some of the Applicants of Work using other people’s NIDA numbers and finding themselves removed from the employment process for not qualifying in accordance with the job announcement.

UTUMISHI Important NOTICE For Job Seekers April 2020

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This directive has been issued by the Secretary of the Secretary of Labor. Xavier David following the challenge this is starting to happen since requiring  applicants to use their numbers of the NIDA ID when registering in the available application form via “portal.ajira.go.tz” which is integrated into other cognitive systems including NIDA, NECTA and NACTE and are currently in the process of integrating it with the system (HCMIS), ”for verification of applicants’ information and other use of Government.

Since the behavior of some job applicants with no identity or number has arisen deciding to use other people’s numbers to sign up for active application system. Which has contributed to some of the job applicants who they were able to get the opportunity to be called in to be interviewed in the process use false information and some of them to see if they have been abused by removal in the process involved.

“It is advisable for Government Employment Applicants to use their actual NIDA numbers instead use other people’s numbers, since doing so is a legal offense and when it becomes obvious
characters are excluded from the employment process even if they have all other basic characteristics according to a job advertisement ”emphasized David.

The Employment Secretariat has stated that it will not open the eyes of any Applicant shall be contrary to the Laws, Regulations and Procedures for the operation of the Employment process in Public Service.

In addition, he has called on various stakeholders, particularly job seekers to enter their own information in the form of a job application instead of presenting their information to other people some of whom are dishonest may misuse them, or incur costs unnecessary.

He added that it is advisable for an applicant who does not know how to fill out the application visits a website or contact the Office of the Secretariat for Employment at Public Service via cell phones 0735398259- 0736 005511 – 0784398259 and get an explanation or to arrive at their office located at the KIVUKONI Jengo La Utumishi in Dar es
Salaam. UTUMISHI Important NOTICE For Job Seekers

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