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The World Bank inspects projects in Tanzania

Representatives of the World Bank in Tanzania today paid a one-day visit to review projects funded by the Skills Development Fund (SDF) run by the Government of Tanzania through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology where the Fund is coordinated by the Tanzania Education Authority (TEA).

During the visit, the representatives, Xiayon Liang and Innocent Mulindwa reviewed two of the 81 projects being implemented in the second phase of the SDF implementation where they visited a three-wheeler and two-wheeler project to be implemented by Future Training and Vocational Training College.

The World Bank inspects projects in Tanzania
The World Bank inspects projects in Tanzania

World located in Gongolamboto area. The institute received funding of 128.9 million shillings where 415 young people have benefited from the training provided through the SDF funding.

Another project visited is the Telecommunication Technician Training Project, run by the Vocational Training Academy (VETA) in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The college located in Kipawa area received funding for 128.8 million shillings where 476 young people have benefited from the SDF fund.

In the first phase of the project which started to be implemented in the financial year 2018/2019 15 Institutions were funded a total of 3.1 billion shillings while in the second phase 81 Institutions benefited from funding of 9.7 billion shillings to run skills training programs.

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