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TCU Public Notice For Admission 2021/2022

TCU Public Notice For Admission 2021/2022. The Tanzania Colleges and Universities Commission (TCU) would like to inform the public and stakeholders of Higher Education in the country to be the first phase of admission to the level of Bachelor’s Degree in Higher Education Institutions in the country for the year of studies 2021/2022 have been completed.

The names of the victims in this phase are advertised by the respective colleges. (You can view here all Universities Selection 2021/2022).

In the First Phase of admission, a total of 92,809 applicants have submitted applications to join 74 accredited colleges. In addition, the sum of 724 apps are allowed to download compared to 686 apps a year 2020/2021. Similarly in terms of space, this year there is a total space 164,901 compared to 157,770 positions last year. This is an increase of 7,131 positions equivalent to 4.5 percent in Undergraduate programs.

Also in the First Phase of admission, a total of 68,019 applicants equivalent to 73.2 percent of all applicants for admission have already received admission colleges. Phase One admission process for yearsvfour (2018/2019 to 2021/2022) shows a significant increase in applicants indicating an increase in Form Six and Diploma graduates.

Number of admissions in the First Phase of Admission for a period of four years (2018/2019 to 2021/2022) has also been increasing. Analysis of admission trends for Phase One for a period of four years is set out in Table No.1

TCU Public Notice For Admission 2021/2022


Applicants who have been admitted to more than one college are encouraged to confirm
their admission to one of the colleges from tomorrow 24 August to 06 September, 2021 for a special secret number sent by text message through their phone numbers or emails they used when applying admission.

Those who do not receive the message in time, are advised enter the admission systems of the colleges where they were admitted and apply sent a text message with a special secret number in order to authenticate at the respective college.

Proof of admission must be made through the account that the applicant used when applying for admission. List of names of applicants enrolled in More than one college has been posted on the TCU website (


The Commission announces that the Second Phase of First Degree admission for the academic year 2021/2022 will officially start on Tuesday the 24th August to 06 September, 2021. The Commission emphasizes that applicants who they could not apply for admission or were not admitted in the phase first due to various reasons use this opportunity well by sending their application for admission to their favorite colleges.

The Commission directs Higher Education Institutions advertise programs that still have a chance. In addition, applicants and colleges are encouraged to adhere to the admission process for Phase Second as shown on the admission calendar located on the TCU website (

For more information Visit official Webpage TCU Public Notice For Admission 2021/2022 [Download PDF]

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