TCRA Sim card to have Password

TCRA Sim card to have Password From July 1st

According to a message circulated yesterday on various customer phones which was confirmed by the Head of TCRA Government Communications Unit, Semu Mwakyanjala, the procedure will protect customers.

“Dear Customer, all telephone lines provided from July 1 will have a Password that the Customer will need to change in order to use the new secure line” Mesage sent to the customer’s phone

Sim card
Message Sent By TRCA

He said the initiative aims to protect citizens from the use of telecommunications.

“When a Sim card, lost it is taken away by someone who misuses it but by having a password, it will protect the user and eliminate unsafe use,” he said.

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Mwakyanjala said the procedure is in accordance with the Electronic and Postal Act of 2010 and its 2018 regulations.

“We want better use of telephone systems not for talking but as a bank, so security is more important for protecting consumers, people have to use phone for business and development rather than committing crimes,” he said.

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