TAMISEMI New Teachers Job Application System 2020

TAMISEMI New Teachers Job Application System 2020

TAMISEMI New Teachers Job Application System 2020

TAMISEMI New Teachers Job Application System 2020. The Tanzania Government is committed to ending teacher complaints including coming up with a system that will allow a teacher applying for employment to apply directly to the relevant council or school.

These were noted by Deputy Secretary-General, Office of the Regional Administration and Local Government, Gerald Mweli speaking to the author of this article some months after he was appointed and tasked with solving educational challenges when he was sworn in by President John Magufuli.

“If you remember when I was sworn in and given special instructions by President Magufuli, I thank him for trusting me and giving me this opportunity, and I promise to do it with all my strength and ability and have no reason not to work.

“On the day of the inauguration I was given responsibilities, to solve the challenges of teachers and the education sector, these are official instructions, but I also have my duties as deputy secretary-general outlined in my leadership and appointments.

Explaining further, Mweli said in doing so they expect the introduction of a system of teachers to apply for direct employment when the council arrives which will help balance and plan teachers “We want in the future when we get permission to hire teachers, we have a system that enables the teacher to apply directly to the relevant councils and possibly to the relevant school so that if she gets hired she may not come back and apply for transfer.

“To be honest there are many areas that are still challenging and teachers who want to go to these places are few even though the Government has been doing many things like building houses or providing various opportunities to attract teachers.  “We must now come up with a system that enables or informs the teacher on the day he is hired to choose himself and to know where he is going and we think we will have a good distribution of teachers.

Regarding teachers ‘debt complaints, Mweli said the task he has started is to make sure there is a system for managing teachers’ debt and having accurate credit information.  “For too long teachers’ debt is one of the challenges we have.  Teachers make up over 70 percent of the public sector staff. TAMISEMI New Teachers Job Application System 2020

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