TAMISEMI Number Of Pre-Primary Teachers 2020

TAMISEMI Number Of Pre-Primary Teachers 2020. The Local Government (District Authorities) Act 198245.2b and the Local Government (Urban Authorities) Act 198245.2c provide for the establishment of rural and urban LGAs as district township authorities (villages that are assuming an urban character) and village authorities.

The Acts were amended in 1999 by the Local Government Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act (No. 9) 1999. Other important legislation includes the Local Government Finances Act 1982; the Urban Authorities (Rating) Act 1983; the Local Authorities Elections Act 1979 and the Regional Administration Act 1997.

The Local Government Services Act (No. 10 of 1982) as amended by Act No. 6 of 1999, to provide for decentralised human resource management, was repealed by the Public Services Act (No. 8) 2002.In Zanzibar, the main legislation is the Zanzibar Municipal Councils Act 1995 and the District and town Councils Act 1995.

TAMISEMI Number Of Pre-Primary Teachers 2020

View number of Pre-primary School Teachers in Tanzania from all regions and District or Municipals in PDF file below:-

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