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SUA Applications for admission into higher degrees for the academic year 2021/2022

Applications are hereby invited for admission into Higher Degrees at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) for the academic year 2021/2022. Candidates for Postgraduate Diploma, Master and PhD Degree programmes by Coursework and Dissertation are admitted and registered  once every year for an academic year that starts in October of each year. Successful candidates will be notified immediately after consideration and approval is made by the Senate and they will be expected to embark on studies in October, 2021.  Candidates for Master’s and PhD by Research and Thesis may apply and be admitted at anytime of the year. Candidates meeting the prescribed minimum qualifications are invited to apply for admission.

The following are the Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s and PhD degree programmes tenable at SUA:


Hosted by Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Education¬†‚Äď One year for Science teachers

Hosted by College of Forest, Wildlife and Tourism

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation


Hosted by School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies

  1. Master of Business Administration-MBA (Agribusiness): This is an 18-month fulltime programme conducted by course work and an internship leading to examinable   Research paper.
  2. Master of Business Administration-MBA¬†‚Äď (Evening Programme):¬†This is a part-time programme for a period of 24 months. Teaching times are: 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm during week days and 8.30 am to 12.30 pm on Saturdays.¬†
  3. MSc. Agricultural and Applied Economics 
  4. MSc. Agricultural Economics 

Hosted by Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education

  1. Master of Education in Curriculum and Instructions
  2. MSc. Environmental Science Management and Technology
  3. MSc. Hydrogeology and Water Resource Management
  4. MSc. with Education (Biology)
  5. MSc. with Education (Chemistry)
  6. MSc. with Education (Mathematics)

Hosted by College of Agriculture

  1. MSc. Crop Protection
  2. MSc. Crop Science
  3. MSc. Agricultural Education & Extension
  4. MSc. Agricultural Engineering
  5. MSc. Irrigation Engineering and Management
  6. MSc. Land Use Planning and Management
  7. MSc. Post-harvest Technology and Management
  8. MSc. Soil Science and Land Management
  9. MSc. Tropical Animal Production
  10. MSc. Food Science
  11. MSc. Human Nutrition
  12. MSc. Food Quality and Safety Assurance
  13. MSc. Aquaculture
  14. MSc. Horticulture
  15. MSc. Seed Technology and Business
  16. MSc. Agricultural Statistics: The programme is offered jointly between SUA and the Eastern Africa Statistical Training Centre (EASTC). Registered students are hosted by the EASTC in Dar es Salaam. All application should be send through

Hosted by College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism 

  1. MSc. Forestry
  2. MSc. Management of Natural Resources for Sustainable Agriculture
  3. MSc. Wildlife Management and Conservation
  4. MSc. Ecosystems Science and Management
  5. MSc. Agroforestry
  6. MSc. Forest Resources Assessment and Management
  7. MSc. Forest Products and Technology
  8. MSc. Environmental and Natural Resources Economics
  9. MSc. Forest Engineering

Hosted by College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

  1. MSc.  Anatomy
  2. MSc. Comparative Animal Physiology
  3. MSc. Biochemistry
  4. MSc. Pharmacology
  5. MSc. Applied Toxicology
  6. MSc. Applied Microbiology
  7. MSc. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  8. MSc. Parasitology
  9. MSc. Public Health and Food Safety
  10. MSc. Epidemiology
  11. MSc. Veterinary Pathology
  12. MSc. Veterinary Surgery
  13. MSc. Applied Veterinary Anesthesiology
  14. MSc.  Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology
  15. MSc. Natural Products Technology and Value Addition
  16. MSc. Health of Aquatic Animal Resources
  17. MSc. One Health Molecular Biology
  18. MSc. Public Health Pest Management
  19. Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine (MPVM): This is a 12-month programme by coursework and a limited research assignment leading to production of an examinable research paper.

Hosted by College of Social Sciences and Humanities 

  1. Master of Arts (MA.)  in Rural Development
  2. Master of Arts (MA.) in Project Management and Evaluation
  3. Master of Arts (MA.) Development Planning and Policy Analysis

Master’s degree programme by Research and Thesis are offered in all Academic units (School, Colleges and Sokoine National Agricultural Library). Applications for Masters by Research and Thesis are received throughout the year and studies can commence at any time of the year once admission is granted. Master’s degree by Research and Thesis is offered for two years (24 months) and three years (36 months) on a full-time and part time basis respectively leading to a thesis.


  1. PhD in Soil and Water Management
  2. PhD in Agricultural and Rural Innovation¬†(PhD ‚Äď ARI)
  3. PhD Agro-ecology
  4. PhD- Agribusiness.


PhD degree programme by Research and Thesis are offered in all Academic units (School, Colleges and Sokoine National Agricultural Library). Applications for PhD by Research and Thesis are received throughout the year and studies can commence at any time of the year once admission is granted.


Post-Graduate Diploma:

Applicants must have a bachelor degree from a recognized institution of higher learning, deemed to be equivalent to at least a pass degree of SUA. Such qualification shall be in a subject or subjects relevant to the intended Postgraduate Diploma.

Master Degree by Coursework and Dissertation

  1. A candidate shall either hold a bachelor degree with GPA of at least 2.7 of SUA or a qualification from an approved institution of higher learning with a GPA of 2.7.
  2. Candidates who hold unclassified degrees (e.g. BVM) should have an average of B grade in the subject of intended Master’s degree.
  3. Candidates with Pass degree will be considered for admission if their undergraduate performance in the proposed subject of study was a B grade average or above.
  4. Candidates with Pass degree will also be considered for admission if they have satisfied the relevant College/School Postgraduate Studies Committees that they have exhibited academic potential through extensive fieldwork/research experience of at least three years and/or additional professional development courses of duration of at least three months.
  5. With the exception of the MPVM; MBA (Agribusiness) and Master of Arts (M.A) in Project Management and Evaluation degree programmes which are one year (12 months) and one and half years (18 months), respectively, all other Master degree programmes are tenable for two years for full time students and three years for part time students. In the case of full time students, the first year is dedicated for coursework, while the second year is for research and dissertation writing.

Master Degree by Research and Thesis

A candidate for admission into Master by Research and Thesis shall hold:

  1. A bachelor degree with a GPA of at least 3.5 OR
  2. A bachelor degree with a minimum GPA of at least 2.7 and research experience of at least three years. An applicant will be considered to have acquired research experience when he/she has published at least one paper in SUA recognized journals or one paper in conference proceedings or has attended training on grant proposal writing or research methodology or data analysis.

PhD Degree Programmes (by Coursework and Dissertation & Research and Thesis)

A candidate for admission to the PhD degree programme of SUA shall hold Master’s degree of SUA or relevant Master’s degree of equivalent standing from another approved University.

  1. For the PhD by Coursework and Dissertation, the applicant shall have master degree from recognized higher learning institutions with GPA of at least 2.7.
  2. For the PhD by Research and Thesis, the applicant shall have:
    1. Master degree of SUA or other higher learning institutions with GPA of at least 3.5 Or average grade of B+ for unclassified master degrees; OR
    2. Master degree by Research and Thesis; OR
    3. Master of Philosophy in relevant discipline
  3. The equivalent qualification must be directly relevant to, and compatible with the academic discipline the candidate wishes to pursue for his/her Doctoral study. Candidates with qualifications in disciplines that are considered irrelevant to and incompatible with the academic discipline of intended doctoral studies, shall be required to take and pass relevant remedial courses.
  4. Candidates with only a bachelor degree but with First Class or Upper Second honours or holders    of a distinction in the relevant subject in the case of unclassified degree may also be considered for PhD registration after initially registering for the Master’s degree and doing at least one full year’s postgraduate coursework. The candidate must have been authorized by relevant College/School/ Directorate Academic Committees to upgrade their registration to PhD candidacy.


Candidates can apply for admission into SUA degree programmes through:

  • Online application¬†through:¬† Make sure that your passport size photograph and all relevant academic documents are attached before final submission is made. Kindly note that, to complete and submit your application, you will be required to pay Tanzanian Shillings¬†TZS 50,000/= or¬†US$ 20¬†for international students as application fee.
  • Payments

For Tanzanians payments should be made through;

Account Holder:          SUA Internal Revenue Tz collection

Account Number:        0150379806700

Bank Name:                  CRDB Bank plc

Branch:                           Morogoro

Swiftcode:                      CORUTZTZXXX


For Foreigners payments should be made through;

Account Holder:                        SUA Internal Revenue USD collection

Account Number:                      026105002248

Bank Name:                                 NBC Bank Ltd

Branch:                                          Morogoro

Swiftcode:                                    NLCBTZTX


N.B: Be reminded to fill in a CONTROL NUMBER in banker’s TISS /SWIFT application form


The deadline for applications are scheduled as follows:

  1. a) Normal application: 30th June 2021
  2. b) Late Application: 30th September, 2021In all programmes, females applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

For further information, please contact:

The Director,
Directorate of Postgraduate Studies, Research, Technology Transfer and Consultancy
Sokoine University of Agriculture,
P.O. Box 3151, Chuo Kikuu,
Morogoro, Tanzania.

Telephone:     +255 023-2640013 and Mobile:    +255 734 552 259
Fax:                    +255 023 2640013
[email protected]/¬†[email protected]

Twitter:            @DPRTC_SUA

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