Simba Sc Need Focus And Speed

Simba Sc Need Focus And Speed. Simba Sc need to increase their focus and speed as they need to win the return leg of the African Champions League against FC Platinum of Zimbabwe.

The defending Mainland Premier League champions conceded a 1-0 defeat in the first leg played in Harare yesterday and are tasked with winning more than one goal in a rematch on January 5 and 6 in the city, to enter group stage.

In recent days, the pace of goal scoring in the squad has seen a sharp decline unlike when they started the league.

In five matches of all competitions including international, the Lions have scored four goals, which could put them in a difficult position in the replay against Platinum.

In yesterday’s game against FC Platinum, Simba appeared to be uncooperative in the attack when the team lacked the ball, which caused the team’s defenders to have a hard time blocking Platnum, especially the scorer, Perfect Chikwende, Kutsanzira Rahman, Gift Mbwete, who had a fast pace. strange.

Also the speed that Platinum showed in the game seemed to surpass many of the Lions players who failed to withstand.

Former Yanga defender Bakari Malima ‘Jembe Ulaya’ said Simba’s strikers need to be cheerful as they still have a great chance of winning the rematch.

“If you look at yesterday’s match the Lions were affected by the speed of their opponents, but if they had been cheerful up front then they would have finished the match away,” said Malima.

Coach Mrage Kabange said Simba sc should not be overconfident in the rematch but play with caution and focus on the attacking area so that they can score goals.

Simba Sc coach Sven Vandenbroeck said: “We did not deserve to lose the game. We controlled the match most of the game and created a lot of chances to score but we were not the best in the area even though we were getting even draws.

The Simba sc arrive in the country today to prepare for their next FA Cup match against Majimaji on Sunday.

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