Selform System User Manual Form V Students Selection 2020

Selform System User Manual Form V Students Selection

General information

The Selform MIS system is a system for the management of system options five. This system oversees the entire student selection process and
allocation to schools based on accepted criteria.
General system description Selform system is a computer system built on the basis of a web site that monitors the entire exercise of the fifth form options.

This system performs in the form of a client server. The user is the owner role and permission to work in the system. System User will communicate with a server that stores all information associated with the process a whole range of five-level options.

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System overview

System Configuration

The Small Business Entrepreneur system is available through the main server located in the OR-
TAMISEMI. The system is designed and organized in such a way that allows many users to work at the same time interfaces or combinations of Information.

Users will be able to access the System via the web page (GUI) and access to the database and perform various targeted tasks within the system.

User Access Limit

Every user has special rights in the Small Business Entrepreneurship System depending on its position. there is a user who can access the information
National, Regional, District and Councils level.


Since the Minor Entrepreneurship System is stored in the main server existing OR-TAMISEMI. Server enabled to backup order to ensure continuity of operations in case of any emergency.

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