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SARS Tax Number Registration Online Application

Do you want to register for SARS tax number. This article instruct on how to SARS Tax Number Registration Online Application.

SARS Tax Number Registration Online Application

There are three ways to register for tax:

1. Auto registration for Personal Income Tax:

When you register for SARS eFiling for the first time and you do not have a personal income tax number yet, SARS will automatically register you and issue a tax reference number.  Note that you must have a valid South African ID.

Follow these easy steps to register on eFiling:

You can also register for SARS eFiling on the SARS MobiApp and follow the same steps.

Need help to register on eFiling? If you need help to register for Income Tax, watch our helpful tutorial video on the SARS YouTube channel by clicking on the image below:

2. Register through your Employer via SARS eFiling:

SARS eFiling offers the SARS registration function which allows employers to submit employee income tax registrations to SARS. For more information, see the Guide on Tax Reference Number (TRN) Enquiry Services on eFiling.

3.  Request an eBooking appointment with SARS:

If you are NOT registered for tax yet, kindly note:

  • You must have an appointment first before going to a SARS branch;
  • The ONLY way to make an appointment if you are NOT registered yet, is to
    call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277 and select option 0 (zero). A SARS official will book the appointment on your behalf.

The following two eBooking appointment channels are ONLY available if you are already registered for tax:

  • Send an SMS to¬†47277¬†(iSARS) with the information and format described below:
    • Booking¬†(Space)¬†ID number/Passport number/ Asylum Seeker number
    • This SMS service is only available to taxpayers/registered representatives who are registered for Personal Income Tax (PIT). This service is not available to tax practitioners.¬†¬†Read more.
  • Request an appointment¬†through the online eBooking form before you visit a branch. Make sure you take along the¬†necessary supporting documents.

Unsure whether you are registered or not?

Ask your Employer, or use the SARS online Query function or call our SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277.

Top Tip: SARS won’t provide your tax number to another person, unless the person is your tax practitioner or has Power of Attorney (POA) to conduct your tax affairs.

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