Rumors: TCMS increase price by 25 Percent

TCMS increase price by 25 Percent. Currently the word face shortage of contract chipsets, the world’s leading manufacturer of contract chipsets company, Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) said to have raised its prices by 15 percent due to the ongoing crisis of chip in the world.

However, the first quarter of this year is drawing to a close and prices have not yet been raised. However, TSMC may raise the price of 12-inch waffles by $ 400, according to a new report from United News.

This could result keep a all time record as 25% increase in prices. In particular, the company has switched to 5-nanometer processors for chipsets to be more powerful and energy efficient.

The Taiwan-based company is expected to start shipping 3-nm chips in the second half of next year. Next generation process units are expected to deliver 25% to 30% more power and 10% to 15% more power at the same power level.

Due to the strong demand for chips and low supply, TSMC returned the discounts offered to its customers. However, the company faces other situations that are beyond its control and increase the company’s costs.

Lack of rainfall causes severe water shortages and the city where TSMC is located only received half of the amount of rain in 2020 compared to the previous year. This forces the company to arrange water tanks at its facilities.

If TSMC decides to increase wafer prices by 25 percent and cancel a prearranged business deal, the smartphone maker could spend more money than expected, and the costs may be passed on to customers.

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