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Project Officer Job Danish Refugee Council, January 2020

Employment category: Grade D, level 1
Reporting to: GFD Project Manager
Technical line manager: Area manager
Unit/department: GFD
Location: Kibondo (Nduta/Mtendeli)
Deadline: 14th January, 2020
Overall purpose of the role: The Project officer- GFD will work with the Program Manager to ensure accurate food logs are received from the warehouse and distributed for PoC as per their entiltilment each month.
He/She will be responsible to secure and keep the certified food log from the time it is handed over until distribution is complete.
The GFD CS will be responsible to ensure the correct certified food log is at each FDP (Food Distribution Point) where he/she is assigned
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Responsibilities: (in bullet points)
  • Support the Program Manager in planning of distribution activities as per the planned distribution cycles.
  • Responsible for conducting food distribution on the day of distribution in the assigned food distribution point.
  • Ensure, correct and proper beneficiary verification in the assigned distribution point in coordination with the MHA, UNHCR and WFP Office in Kibondo.
  • Sensitize the communities on distribution allocation/entitlements to each household before the distribution takes place.
  • Ensure proper markings, fencing and roping of the distribution point on the day of distribution.
  • Ensure proper security provision including adequate security personnel are in place and in time.
  • Ensure help desk is in place with adequate information dissemination system, including, complaint register.
  • Ensure a banner with allocation allowances clearly visible to the beneficiaries is put up in each distribution point during the distribution day.
  • Manage and assign specific tasks to the project assistant per commodity on the distribution day.
  • Ensure the scooping materials are up to the standard and in line with the allocated entitlement before every distribution is started.
  • Assist the Program Managers in producing daily distribution reports.
  • Receive Food Log from the PM and deliver it to the Community prior to Distribution so they can check for any mistakes.
  • Document any errors and report them to UNHCR so they can be corrected prior to distribution day
  • Ensure a correct and certified food log is received prior to distribution and used at each distribution
  • Produce a distribution report based off the food log and independent of the waybill.
  • Attend Post and Pre-distribution meetings with the FMC, scoopers and community leaders.
  • Ensure copies of all distribution documents are properly kept and filed i.e. the food log, coupons, and complaint records.
  • Together with project Assistants Conduct trainings for scoopers and FMCs on food management
  • Submit the numbers and names of all no shows to the PM after every GFD in order to track those that continually do not show up
  • Ensure all necessary arrangements are made for food distribution teams including printing of FRNs, return waybills, reporting forms, beneficiary lists, etc.
  • Any other tasks assigned by the Program Manager
  • Follow the General policy guidelines of the DRC/DDG including the code of conduct
  • Perform any other duty as assigned by the GFD Project Manager
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Experience and technical competencies: (include years of experience)
  • At least 2-year experience in working in refugee context
  • At least 2-year work experience in implementing GFD activities or related sector
  • Previous experience in international organizations 
  • Education: (include certificates, licenses etc.) 
  • Bachelor Degree in social sciences, political science, development, law or other related fields
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