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Portland Cement factory to let go 224.8 Hectares

The Minister of Lands, Housing and Residential Development, William Lukuvi has concluded a long-standing land dispute between the people of Chasimba, Chatembo and Chachui in Bunju and Wazo wards in Dar es Salaam and the Tanzania Portland Cement Factory ( Wazo Hill), where the factory has agreed to release 224.8 hectares out of 922.55 hectares to locals.

The factory’s decision to relinquish 224.8 hectares follows the Government’s intervention in 2015 after receiving complaints from the public and deciding to find a solution based on how best to implement the Court of Appeal’s decision regarding the dispute.

Portland Cement factory

Speaking to the people of the area, Minister Lukuvi said after lengthy negotiations with the management of the factory, the board of the Idea Cement Factory finally agreed to release his area worth more than Shs 60 billion to the people.

Following the settlement of the dispute, every citizen in the area will now be required to pay the ownership costs of 6,400 shillings per square meter if it is a government effort during the negotiations where previously the owners wanted citizens to pay 20,000 shillings per square meter.

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