Police Loss Report Form Download Tanzania (Step By Step)


Police Loss Report Form Download Tanzania. This is a website for reporting any loss of property through the Internet (Online Loss Report) In order to open this website you must have a smart phone or computer with internet. Open the browser you have on your phone or on your computer, then type this site ( into your browser.  After typing the site into your browser the results will be as follows:-

Police Loss Report Form Download Tanzania (Step By Step)


For the customer / citizen reporting for the first time will press the button register the lost property. After clicking that button you will come to the registration page. The client / citizen is required to register their personal information correctly and then click the button
what is written in reserve and continue.

Police Loss Report Form Download Tanzania (Step By Step)


Make sure you remember the number of the type of ID you chose to fill in for that The number is your password when viewing your information.


After clicking the save button and continue you will be redirected to that page you will be able to report your lost property. After filling out all the information correctly, click the button labeled save and go on.

Police Loss Report Form Download
Police Loss Report Form Download

Police Loss Report Form Download  Payment

After clicking the button labeled ‘save and continue’ you will be taken to the page which will give you or show you the Control Number and how to pay what can be done.

Police Loss Report Form Download Tanzania (Step By Step)
Police Loss Report Form Download Tanzania (Payment)

The LOSS REPORT is only Tsh 500 / =.

  1. After payment, visit any police station near you for certified notice of loss of your property.
  2. You can get your Asset Loss notification right where you are if you have used it
    national identity card (NIDA) and if you have lost the following assets; –


    • Sim Card,
    • ID of any kind
    • bank card of any kind. Anagalizo
    • make sure you choose the line of not, ID, bank card.
  3. Also, after confirmation, you are required to return to the Asset Reporting website
    Lost ( for downloading your information.

Register lost property

Registered user only

Search your report

For home Dashboard of this System



For more details visit official webage Police Loss Report Form Download Tanzania 

The police force in Tanzania is a national body that falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs and is lead by the Inspector General of Police. The Tanzania Police Force (TPF) is divided into five departments, which fall under the control of individual Commissioners.The departments are as follows:

  • Administration and resource management;
  • Operations;
  • Criminal investigation;
  • Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone; and
  • Zanzibar police.

Further, the mandate of the TPF is to:

  • Maintain law and order;
  • Protect life and property; and
  • Prevent, detect and investigate crime.



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