6 Things To Consider Before Involved On Online Business


Are we have 6 tips to know before starting involving on online business. Various people have been complaining about their money being squandered online by people claiming to be doing business.

To prevent you from being cheated on or if you still have it, then do not fall into that trap, there are a few things to consider when you want to get involved in online business.

6 Things To Consider Before Involved On Online Business

1. Company information

If the person sells clothing, cars or anything else, make sure you get detailed information about the company including a valid name, website and other contact (post box, office address) to determine if it is a legitimate company or shop.


When he gives you phone numbers call for satisfaction or the website will visit to see if it matches what they are doing. If a site has ads (click ads and pop-up ads), unofficial language or its ‘link’ seems unsafe, that is a sign that you are about to be stolen.

If the company name is, it is clear the website will be or or .org etc. If you find that the company name does not match the website address, it is probably a theft. Also, avoid clicking on any links that may be sent to you, as these may be used to trick you.

2. Personal information

Do not send personal information or register on business websites that you are not sure are valid. Network scammers will use the information you provide to deceive you, your relatives or your friends. Provide your information when you are satisfied that the contact is a legitimate person or institution.

Make sure you have a strong password to protect your information.


3. Advice from others

Another way to avoid scams is to ask friends or relatives about the person or company you are considering buying from. It is unlikely that you will be the first, so if anyone has bought something from that person or institution he or she will give you advice and you will be sure.

Here you can also use online reviews to see what other customers have to say about the business.

4. Send money

It is clear that many people are doing transactions online, and the goal here is not to tell you not to send money, but to do so after convincing yourself that sending is legitimate.

If your business partner insists on sending money rather than specifying how you will receive your luggage, you may begin to suspect him or her. The undoubted procedure is that of the customer paying after receiving the consignment.


But also, if you send money, the company name is not visible in the transaction, it is another sign of doubt. Avoid using a bank account that holds your money. Use alternatives like PayPal or create a master card via mobile networks.

5. Trade authorities

You can get more information from the business registration authority to see if the company is recognized.

6. Arrive at the institution

If the possibility of you being a customer coming to the store or company wanting to buy something is there, then do so as it is the safest way to avoid fraud.


Those are the 6 things can consider before do any transactions on the online business so as to avoid stolen your many. Thus must be very carefully. If you have anymore can drop your comments below.



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