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NIT Mini Schedule For Approving Results And Selection 2020/2021

NIT Mini Schedule For Approving Results And Selection 2020/2021. The National Institute of Transport (NIT) is a public higher learning institution located on west of Dar-es-Salaam City, along Mabibo Road in Ubungo Light Industrial area; just about one kilometer off the Morogoro Road.

NIT was established in 1975 as training wing of the then National Transport Corporation (NTC). NIT was charged with the responsibility of strengthening human resource capabilities of transport operatives and middle level managers of subsidiary companies of NTC.

These subsidiary companies were: National Bus Services Limited (KAMATA), Usafiri Dar-as-Salaam Limited (UDA), Regional Transport Companies (RETCOs) etc.

In 1982, it was realized that there was need to have an Institute that will cover all modes of transport. The Institute expanded its area of activities and responsibilities. As a result, NIT was re–established through NIT Act No. 24 of 1982 as an autonomous Higher Learning Institution under the then Ministry of Communications and Works.

NIT Mini Schedule For Approving Results And Selection 2020/2021

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