NILE RIVER, RIVER OF GOD’s film Analysis

NILE RIVER, RIVER OF GOD's film Analysis

Critical film analysis refers to the subjective analyser evaluates or critiques the work of another per watched as film. Where the aim idea of writing in understanding of the film work. The following is the short description of critical film analysis of the NILE RIVER, RIVER OF GOD’s film where NILE RIVER, RIVER OF GOD’s is the non-fiction documentary film that explain the truth and origin of the river Nile and the history of wildlife and Egypt people’s life and their cultural customs at a time of round 19th century.  The film is written by Charlie Pye Smith and Michael Olmert, composed by Robert Boyle and was produced and directed by Michael Mackinnon with John Hackey as the film editor. Where the film was in form of narration, as there were a person who narrating and explains what we see in the film and thus the narrator of the film called F. Murray Abraham. A NILE RIVER, RIVER GOD’s film was produced on that took about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

This Is the way artist present their work. Form contain different elements including character, plot, style, setting, camera angle, camera movement, editing, sounds, color, and the use of language. That used as follow in this film:-

Those are things that an artist use to present work of an arts including peoples, animals, trees. The following are various characters in this documentary film:-
• Animals
• Trees and people like Adel El Abd, Mohammed, Anuk, Hanan, Ahmed, Um khairi,Khairi

This is the place where a work of art is taking place. In this documentary film the
setting is in the ancient Egypt and the morden Egypt and Ethiopia whereby a narrator tells how people used to worship nature and how they were benefited from nature.

The film is narrated in Ancient Egypt and little about Ethiopia which is also across the
Nile river more so depict how Egyptians people used to live. Which had the blue Nile great God Hapi and the white Nile great bulk mud and water which people in Ancient Egypt used to make pots and other carvings. The Cairo morden city of Egypt which was called Al-Qahira means the city of victorious. And the cow goddess Hathor was a symbolic mother of pharaohs dynasty. And the narrator used flashback to show how people lived back then.

Editing the film had low rate of editing since it was the documentary means it was jus dealing with the real events which requires little editing as the result there was normal editing especial in joining the scenes, the scenes was joined chronologically one another as the result it has low rate of flash backs and montage and the film direct way of editing(direct joining of events in scenes) though it has no starting , climax and ending point as th normal full edited films

Color Tone
The color tone, the fil has the separate color tone in a way that the objects animals and human were shown in the natural color for example tree were green naturally water were colorless as usual birds shown in their respective color so it has displayed coloured picture for easy to notice the characters

The lighting the film has moderate lighting experiences this indicates that the film was the shot in the favourable condition which led resulted to good display of the quality pictures for example pictures was well noticeable to views even picture of small objects this was because the film hag good lighting scale.

Camera Angles
Camera angels the film Nile river have employed a lot of angles to be used it making the documentary Nile river of gods for example there is close up shot, medium shot also the Nile river employs the long shot for example when it showed the flying birds and running animals

Sound, the film Nile river has good and well qualified sound which was well heard to the hears of the views for example the characters sound like birds voices, animal sounds, human sounds especial narrators as well as translators sound was well heard.

Camera Movement
Camera movements, the film have employed many camera movement to make the film have best quality on the ates of views for example  the film used paning movement of camera also the film have used rak focus movement of camera also there is vertical camera movement all this movements makes the film clear.

This is what performed in the film. The following below are the content of film:-

Culture, the documentary shows about lives of foreign or forgotten cultures. Here the culture talks about the religions which enforces a certain of life or event. The documentary explains about different cultural as the ways of life to the people around the Nile river this include Islamic culture, Christianity culture, and other cultures like nuer culture this wa shown  on the way they used to worship and pray for their lords for example Muslim went to thewr Mosque  Christian went to their churches as well as to nuer people had their own way of worship.

Technology the documentary covers man made an non living objects which was made by God which was technologically designed for example the pyramids, biggest buildings, machine like water pumping machine mae by roman people for the purpose of  the irrigation activities and it was found for about 2000 years ago also the architectural technology is broader in the Nile river a good example is mud designed house of nuer society living around the Nile river architecturally technologically designed houses

Health And Medical
 Health and medical issues the documentary shows various ways used by owaple around the nile river to cure themselves once they got Illness also they had their own ways to cure the desease in animals like how nuer people the used to supply certain powder on the cow body so that the tsetsefly can be away from the cow about human health the documentary didn’t highly portray how they used to  perhaps it based on the culture that is either Christian or Muslim had their own way to cure themselves from the diseases which was oftenly malaria to many people particularly the nuecommunity

The History
The history also the documentary shows the history of the Nile river that it was there for many years ago for example it explain life during 4th century when the christian religion arrived in Egypt also it explains life during pharaohnic time also it show the remains of people who died for about 6000 years ago for example the human buried for about 6000 ago it also explains about the tendency of the Nile river to flood for sometimes that it is the historical event that are annually must take place and sometimes it creates some disturbance to the farmer

This Film have depicted the theme that revels that arts of majority around the Nile river that they had various arts for example all performing and non performing arts such as painting sculpture,architecture,design,sports music. Therefore people around Nile river had their arts as other normal society in which they used to Express their feeling, meet their need and use their to keep record of various events about the nile river

Economic Issues
The economic issues therefore the Nile river there is a lot of potential for the economic development as the film reveals about the potentials land forest,animals,as well as water which is the potential resource for the the economic growth for majority of Egyptian and people around the nile river as the result Egyptian conducted economic activities like farming,fishing as well as animal keeping around the river

In this film we get the message that preserving culture and preservation of environments is important to human life because it also lead to soil fertility which is good for agriculture. Peace and harmony is very important in our daily life because through that people live in unity with no violence. film Nile river plays a great role in explaining the history of the ancient Egyptian basing on the culture. Religion, politics, economic as well as medical issue which in turn it provides insights on the knowledge of the development of morden Egypt.


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