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Check here Niajiri Portal Sign & Register. In this article we have all details concern with Niajiri as show below.

About Niajiri

Niajiri provide employers with a tool that enables them to identify, develop and access top talent while at the same time building the capacity of talent by providing access to courses, tools, resources and opportunities that enables them to perform at the marketplace.

Niajiri offers

Talent Identification

  • We help companies attract star performers through gamified assessments, digital interviews and candidate data mining.

Niajiri for Talent Identification

  • Worried over how you can build a top performing team? We’ve got you covered! You can now effortlessly and efficiently identify top potential hires in the marketplace using our services.

Talent Preparation

  • We work with companies to build pipelines of top performing talent through curation of various assessments.

Niajiri for Talent Preparation

  • Turnaround time on getting a top performer into the office is giving you sleepless nights? Well, stress no more as you can now access your assessed curated pipeline of talent and select accordingly.

Talent Development

  • Providing you with a seamless platform for skills assessment, enhancement and preparation for the marketplace.

Niajiri for Talent Development

  • Using gamification and machine learning we help talent to skill, reskill and upskill through assessments such as personality and digital diagnostics, soft skills courses, tools, resources as well as making opportunities available where possible.

Niajiri Portal Login or Register

Niajiri Portal Sign & Register
Niajiri Portal Sign

To login in the system you will be required to have signin details:-

  • Username
  • Password

Login link =>> Incase you don’t have an account Register now link =>>

Niajiri Contacts

1st Floor C&G PlazaMikocheni B Kwa Warioba672/2 Mwai Kibaki Rd.Kinondoni, Dar es [email protected]+255 787 497 722 or +255 787 497 721



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