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NHIF Service Portal User Manual 2020/2021

NHIF Service Portal User Manual 2020/2021

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1 General Information 

This section explains in general terms the system and the purpose for which it is intended.

1.1 System Overview 

Service Portal is a web based application system established by the Fund for the purpose of delivering various online services to its customers and stakeholders. These online services include but not limited to verification of NHIF members before accessing service, issuing of pharmaceutical services, issuing of approval for special benefits, and remittance of contribution.

1.2 Document Purpose 

This document provides guidance to users of the NHIF Service Portal when undertaking any of the function mentioned above. Assumption is being made that consumer is familiar to and have access to the internet service.

2 System Summary 

This section provides a general overview of the system. The summary outlines the uses of the system’s hardware and software requirements, system’s configuration, user access and permission.

2.1 System Configuration 

Service Portal requires connection to the Internet in order to operate. Being a web based application, the system is platform independent and accessible through any internet connecting device such as computer, mobile and tablet.

2.2 User Access and Permission 

Service Portal can be accessed only with valid username and password. Employers and members can obtain their login credentials after undergo online self-registration process via the system but others must submit official request to the Fund before granted the required login credential.

3 Getting Started

This section explains step by step procedures on how to get access and use the Service Portal for different categories of users.
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