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New Toyota Harrier 2022 – Beautiful Hybrid Midsize Family SUV


The appearance of the new Toyota Harrier 2022 basically follows the styling design of the overseas version. After the new Toyota logo, a brand-new family-style shape is formed. The middle mesh adopts a split-type design, with a slender blackened stripe on the top and both sides.

New Toyota Harrier 2022
Toyota Harrier 2022 Exterior

The slender headlights are connected, and the large-sized trapezoidal grille below looks very similar to the new Crown Landing, coupled with the vertical black air intake design on both sides, adding to the sporty feel of the new car.

The roof has a slight slip-back design, and the window part adopts a beautiful streamlined design, and there is a silver trim around the window to increase the sense of refinement, and the lower body part has obvious bulge.


New Toyota Harrier 2022 Interior

The rounded waistline and the noisy design at the bottom add a good sense of layering, and the car skirt below it also uses a blackened color scheme, which looks more fashionable and atmospheric.

Toyota Harrier 2022 Price in India

The price of this car will be starting from Rs 14 lakhs to Rs 20 lakhs. This car will be priced to be competitive.

Toyota Harrier Competiton SUVPrice
BaseRs 12 lakhs
TopRs 20 lakhs





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