NECTA Form Four Timetable 2022 | Ratiba Kidato Cha Nne 2022


NECTA Form Four Timetable 2022| Ratiba Kidato Cha Nne 2022,  Form Four Results 2022, Matokeo Kidato Cha Nne 2022, NECTA Timetable 2022, Ratiba Mtihani Kidato Cha Nne 2022. Four Form Students in Tanzania always used to conduct their final exams first week of  November each year and results to be released on January of next year after all marking processes to be done under National Examination Council Of Tanzania (NECTA). NECTA Form Four Timetable 2022

Certificate of Secondary Education Examination(CSEE)

  • This is an achievement test offered to candidates who have completed four years of secondary education.

The Examination Calendar

  • CSEE is administered at the first week of November every year.

The objectives of CSEE, NECTA Form Four Timetable 2022

The objectives of this examination are to assess students’ skills and knowledge achieved in different subjects at secondary school.

Also to weigh the extent to which the student can use the skills gained to meet the social, political, economic and technological challenges for the individual and the national development at large; to identify students with the capacity to continue learning to the advanced secondary school level and other learning institutions.

The holder of the CSEE qualification is expected to be able to apply skills of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation in a broad range of activities. NECTA Form Four Timetable 2020


Eligibility of Candidates who Seats for the Form Four Examination

Any students who have completed four years of secondary education at both government and non-government registered schools and passed form two secondary education examination or Qualifying Test. Also, repeaters of the same examination who registered themselves as private candidates.

Examined Subjects/Courses, NECTA Form Four Timetable 2022

The core and compulsory subjects that a candidate is registered to sit for CSEE are: Civics, History, Geography, Kiswahili, English Language, Biology and Basic Mathematics. Candidate may also sit for additional two subjects chosen from natural science subjects which are

  • Physics and Chemistry or Business subjects which are Commerce and Book Keeping;
  • Home economic subjects which are Food and Nutrition and Textile and Dress Making or Technical subjects which are Building Construction, Architectural Draughting, Surveying, Carpentry and Joinery, Brickwork and Masonry, Painting and Sign Writing, Plumbing, Electrical Installation, Electrical Engineering Science, Radio and Television Servicing, Electrical Draughting, Refrigeration and air conditioning, Plant and Equipment Maintenance, Workshop Technology, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Welding and Metal Fabrication, Fitting and Turning, Auto Electric,
  • Mechanical Draughting and Foundry and Blacksmith and one optional subject among the following: Bible Knowledge, Elimu ya Dini ya Kiislamu, Fine Art, Music, Physical Education,French Language, Literature in English, Arabic Language, Agricultural Science, Information and Computer Studies and Additional Mathematics.

No candidate for the CSEE shall register for more than ten subjects at one sitting. NECTA Form Four Timetable 2020

Form Four Examination Format 2020

Each subject has an examination format which describes the structure of the examination paper, rubric and the content in which that particular examination covers. The details of subjects examined are shown in individual examinations formats that can be accessed in the examination formats click Here.

NECTA Form Four Timetable 2022 | Ratiba Kidato Cha Nne 2022
NECTA Form Four Timetable 2022 | Ratiba Kidato Cha Nne 2022


Summary of NECTA’s History

After Tanzania Mainland had pulled out of the East African Examinations Council, in 1971 and before NECTA was established by Law, in 1973, the Curriculum and Examinations Section of the Ministry of Education was responsible for all examinations. With the establishment of NECTA, the Examinations became its responsibility in accordance with the law. The Curriculum continued to be under the Ministry of Education and the University College, Dar es Salaam until when it was taken over by the newly established, autonomous Institute of Curriculum Development (ICD) in 1975, which in 1993 was renamed as the Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE).

Between 1972 and 1976 the first staff of NECTA were recruited, among them was Mr. P. P Gandye who was recruited in 1972 and later on in 1994 was appointed as Executive Secretary. The other staff members continued to be recruited and especially so when NECTA’s premises moved from the Ministry of Education Headquarters to the present premises at Kijitonyama near Mwenge. Presently the number of NECTA’s staff is more than 250.

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The Establishment of NECTA

The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) is Government Institution which was established by the Parliamentary Act No. 21 of 1973. NECTA is responsible for the administration of all National Examinations in Tanzania.

The decision to establish NECTA was a follow-up of an earlier move, in April 1971, when Tanzania Mainland pulled out of the East African Examinations Council (EAEC) to conduct her own examinations. Zanzibar pulled out of EAEC in 1970.


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Before the pull out, between 1968 and 1971, Tanzania sat for foreign Secondary School Examinations conducted jointly by the East African Syndicate, which before then were conducted by the Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate alone. The Examinations conducted by the Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate then were the School Certificate and the Higher School Certificate Examinations. The School Certificate Examinations was taken by the African Students for the first time in 1947 and that of the Higher School Certificate in 1960. NECTA Form Four Timetable 2022 | Ratiba Kidato Cha Nne 2022

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