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Names Called For Interview EGA, October 2020

Names Called For Interview EGA, October 2020. Government Internet Authority (e-GA) is a public institution established by the Government Internet Act No. 10 of 2019. It is an institution with the authority to coordinate, monitor and promote the efforts of the Internet Government as well as to encourage the implementation of Government Policies, Laws, Regulations, Standards and Guidelines for Public Institutions.

The establishment of this Authority in 2019 promotes the interventions of the Government Agency Network (eGA) and participates in its plans because the responsibilities of these institutions are similar although they differ in executive authority.

The Network Government Authority is an institution that inherited the Internet Government Agency created in April 2012 by the Government Agencies Act no. 30 Chapter 245 of 1997 responsible for the Authority for Coordinating, Monitoring and Promoting Internet Network Efforts in Tanzania.

Prior to the establishment of the Government Internet Agency, the use of ICT in the Government was coordinated and managed by the Systems Management Department (DMIS) located in the Office of the President, Public Service Management which is currently the Department of ICT Services (DICTS).

Government Act Network No. 10 of 2019 has identified the roles and powers that guide the Internet Government Authority in the implementation of the Internet Government in Tanzania.

Names Called For Interview EGA, October 2020

Secretary of the Secretariat for Employment in the Public Service on behalf of the Agency Government Network (eGA), would like to inform job seekers who have submitted applications to fill the vacancies of the Institute, that the interview is expected to be conducted from the date 15 to 21 October, 2020 and finally assign job centers to job applicants who will pass the interview.


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