NACTE Student Transfer Conditions And Procedures


NACTE Student Transfer Conditions And Procedures. Transfer from one training institution to another is a right of any student wishing to do so. The transfer is allowed when both training institutions (institution sought to be transferred from and to be transferred to) are offering the same NACTE approved programme.

NACTE Student Transfer Conditions And Procedures

The following below are the Conditions and procedures to follow if you want to move of transfer from one university to another:-

Conditions for Transfer

  • Any student seeking to transfer must be registered into NACTE Database and successfully passed the End of Semester Examinations;
  • Students transfer shall be done online through NACTE Website(;
  • Head of Institution from which the student is transferring from shall approve and forward the request upon satisfaction to the head of institution the student is seeking tovtransfer;
  • The transferring student should have all examinations passed and results uploaded incthe NACTE Examination System.

Transfer Procedures

  • A student shall initiate an online transfer through requesting the target/receiving
    institution for an opportunity to transfer;
  • Once the request is accepted by the receiving institution, the message will be sent back to the host institution to clear and allow the student to transfer;
  • The host institution shall forward approved request to NACTE; and
  • NACTE shall view the request which has been approved by the host institution and then grant the transfers.

For more information get attached PDF file NACTE Student Transfer Conditions And Procedures 





  1. For those who were selected direct with nacte to study special diploma in education are not allowed to process the online transfer from one collage to another????

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