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NACTE Criteria for Postponement of Studies

Postponement of studies shall mean stopping studies for a semester or whole academic year where the period will count into the student’s registration period. A student requesting for postponement must be registered or enrolled in a given technical institution; studied and completed a minimum of one semester.

Criteria for Postponement of Studies

Postponement may be granted by the technical institution due to various grounds including
health problems; family matters; pregnancy; and other compelling circumstances as may deem necessary by the relevant authority;

  • A student wishing to postpone studies should submit written request supported by relevant documents to justify the request; and
  • Extension of postponement shall not be permitted beyond FOUR (4) consecutive
    semesters unless under exceptional circumstances.

Student’s Role on Postponement and Resumption of Studies

  • Tender request for postponing studies to his/her technical institution;
  • Provide relevant evidence(s) for such postponement; and
  • On resuming to studies, a student must submit a letter of intention to resume studies at least ONE (1) month before the commencement of a semester.

Technical Institution’s Role on Postponement and Resumption of Studies

  • Scrutinize and officially approve or reject request for postponement from students;
  • Update accordingly the student’s status in NACTE Database through Institutional Panel (admission officers account); and
  • Ensure that a student is in a relevant academic year and level in the Institutional Panel.

For more information get attached PDF file NACTE Criteria for Postponement of Studies

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