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NACTE Continues Students Transfer Window 2020/2021

NACTE Continues Students Transfer Window 2020/2021, Kuhama Chuo NACTE, Maombi ya Uhamisho wa Wanafunzi Wanaoendelea. Please read carefully the necessary information and requirements for the transfer before you start applying for a transfer.

Terms and Qualifications for Applicants

Information for Applicants

  • The student is advised to review and understand the basic information of the college he or she wants to move to such as, where the college is located, the weather, fees and other contributions. For more information see the Admission Guidebook via
  • Transfers apply to existing students in the academic year 2020/2021 to verify it exists in the relevant year click Here
  • A student will be allowed to move from one college to another with a similar course
  • A student who has not passed or has a repeat test is not allowed  to transfer
  • Transfers will be accepted only if the college from which he or she leaves and wants to move has been agree with ransfer

Payment NACTE Continues Students Transfer Window 2020/2021

The cost of the transfer process is Tsh 10,000 / =, Payments made will not be refunded.

To continue the application process, please click here

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