Molnupiravir Give Hope Prevention of COVID-19


Scientists’ experiments on the discovery of the Covid-19 vaccine are likely to bear fruit after reports of high hopes ‘Molnupiravir’ tablets work effectively in treating the disease.

The drug, which was tested by Merck, an international pharmaceutical company based in the United States, could provide a solution to the discovery of the Covid-19 drug.

A statement released yesterday by the euronews network, 775 patients tested for the drug have fully recovered and now the company is awaiting approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the country. According to scientists, this drug could significantly reduce mortality.


The company has developed the first drug that is said to be effective against the virus and if approved, the drug ‘Molnupiravir’ will be the first to treat Covid-19.

Scientist Peter Hotez from the company stated: “Clinical trials show that this drug is more effective than most current antibodies. In the use of this drug the patient is given a dose of two tablets daily for five days. ”

Scientists say the drug has higher survival rates as no deaths have been reported in users of it in clinical trials.

According to the network, the pill is expected to be available in the United States and will be available worldwide later this year.


Earlier last week, the United States also launched drug trials aimed at protecting people living with a person infected with the virus by 2,660 people 13 months after the vaccine was discovered.

With the advent of the drug, various researchers have suggested that if the drug succeeds, the world will find a cure and a greater chance of controlling the Uiko-19 virus before it spreads further and become an alternative to the vaccine.

The oral contraceptives developed by the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer also aim to prevent those who have no symptoms of the virus from acquiring the virus.

The company’s Head of Scientific Research at the company, Dr Mikael Dolsten, said the drug would be tested on 2,660 healthy 18-year-olds living in the same house as the person who contracted the disease.




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