Mkataba Wa Yanga Na La liga | Yanga Contract With Laliga Signed 30 May 2020

Mkataba Wa Yanga Na La liga | Yanga Contract With Laliga Signed Today

Historical champions in Tanzania Yanga Sports Club, we are going to write a new history this Saturday 30th May 2020by signing a deal with the Spanish La Liga Company.

“All things are complete, the signing ceremony will take place on Saturday, at the Serena Hotel in Dar es Salaam from 10:00 pm and broadcast live by Azam TV and through Channel of Clubs,” said Secretary General, David Ruhago.

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He said the Charter was the beginning of a step towards a change in the club’s operating system, where La Liga experts in conjunction with the Transformation Committee will work to find the correct club operating system.

“We believe this partnership with La Liga will bring great productivity, they will lead us to the best path to success, our colleagues have vast experience in team management and modern football, so as a Club, Yanga will benefit from the rest,” Ruhago said.

He said after this action, meaning La Liga champions will camp in a country where our sponsors GSM will enable them to fulfill their responsibilities until the process is complete, and after Members pass the Constitution and the new system, Yanga will be on a straight path to football reform here country.

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