Microsoft Announced Plans to produce an Xbox Series X mini fridges

On April 2, Microsoft Xbox Skittles reached the finals of Brackets’ first #BestOfTweets contest on Twitter. Xbox marketing director Aaron Greenberg tweeted earlier today that if Xbox wins, Microsoft will produce Xbox X series mini fridges. In fact, Greenberg has confirmed that the company will continue to produce Xbox Series X mini fridges.

Date to release Xbox Series X mini fridge

The Xbox promise for the Xbox Series X mini fridge comes April 1st, and a lot of people probably took it as a joke on the day such tricks happened. Even so, Greenberg wrote specifically on Twitter that this is no joke, so we should expect Microsoft Xbox mini fridges very soon. Greenberg tweeted after the win, shortly after the results were announced, that “we will continue our promise to make this Xbox Series X mini fridge,” and that Skittles will receive the first unit of this mini fridge.

Microsoft Announced Plans to produce an Xbox Series X mini fridges
Microsoft Xbox Series X mini fridges

Microsoft first introduced the Xbox Series X refrigerator last year because the Xbox Series X console looks like a refrigerator. Xbox Series X refrigerators are dispensers and are not sold on the open market. It seems that the concept still appeals to many followers. Therefore, Greenberg’s promise can shake up the vote in favor of Xbox to win the competition from the Twitter brand.

However, there are still some gaps in the Xbox Series X mini fridge project, as Microsoft hasn’t provided us with detailed information on the fridge’s trajectory, even though it’s still early days. Production could start this year, and we still don’t know what numbers will be in production and whether you can buy them when they finally come out. We will keep you updated when additional information comes from Microsoft.

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