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The M-PESA Business Till enables business owners to collect payments on the till and use the money collected to make other transactions directly from the till such as:

  • – Pay to another Buy Goods Till
  • – Pay to a mobile number
  • – Pay to utilities (Paybill) till
  • – Withdraw cash at an M-PESA agent
  • – Sell airtime to customer using collected funds and earn commission

This product is suitable for businesses that do not require to capture any additional information from the customer such as retail, supermarkets, fuel stations, restaurants, salons, etc.

Short-Term Paybill

A short-term paybill is a product that allows for fundraising of funds for different needs, e.g. medical bills, funerals, weddings, education purposes, and for charity/catastrophes e.g. Fund, Funeral Fund, Education Fund.


Bulk Payment (Business To Customer)

The Bulk Disbursement service (B2C) enables an organization to make payments/disbursements from a given M-PESA shortcode to mobile phones of individuals in real time at the click of a button e.g. Salary payments, Dividend payments, Sacco payments.

C2B Payment (Customer To Business)

The allows the customer to make payments to Organization C2B M-Pesa accounts in real time. i.e. Paying of bills or goods and services

For more information visit official website M-PESA Business Till – Safaricom 




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