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Kesi Ya Yanga Na Morrison CAS

Kesi Ya Yanga Na Morrison CAS. Yanga has filed case number CAS 2020 / A / 7397 in the Sports Court of Arbitration (CAS) against Morrison which will be heard today by Judge Stewart, with Simba saying they know the case, but it does not concern them as it involves Yanga and Morrison.

“Even if we are aware of the case, but it is not our club’s, it is the player case, reason that to this day the club has not talked it,” said one of the club’s officials who declined to be named, while Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) lawyer Rahim Shaaban was asked if they knew. nothing about the case he said the federation does not know.

“The case of Yanga and player Benard Morrison which was being heard today in the CAS Arbitration Court is over and decisions will be made before or until August 14.”

“Procedures for conducting such cases we do not concern us at all are between the two parties, except if we are brought and informed of anything, but so far (yesterday afternoon” we have not been told, “he said.

Yanga’s lawyer, Simon Patrick, said he could not comment until the case was heard today.

“Currently no, my department cannot say anything about it until tomorrow (today),” said Patrick.

For his part, Bernard Morrisson on Instagram wrote “Wish me well today” asking his followers to pray for him and people wished him well including the Chief Executive, Barbara Gonzalez who wrote ‘All the best’.

Earlier, Yanga had stated that Cas had ordered them to prepare evidence for the swearing-in of Engineer Hersi Said and the club had done so and Yanga would hear the case online.

Yanga got into a dispute with the Ghanaian player when he ended his six-month contract with the club demanding an extension of his two-year contract which Morrison denied.

The TFF Players’ Law and Status Committee after hearing all sides said Morrison was a free agent, as there was a contract deficit with Yanga and he was soon signed by Simba in the big window last season. Kesi Ya Yanga Na Morrison CAS

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