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Kenya to receive 72,000 doses of Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine

Kenya is expected to receive 72,000 doses of Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine from South Sudan returned to the Joint World Vaccine Program, COVAX.

South Sudan has said it is withdrawing the vaccines due to the failure to distribute them to the public on time before they expire.

The nation received 132,000 immunizations in March from the COVAX Immunization Program aimed at ensuring that the world’s lowest-income countries are vaccinated. South Sudan, however, has managed to provide only 8,000 vaccines so far.

The head of the Kenya Immunization Program has said he has completed all the procedures for receiving the vaccine, and is expected to arrive on Thursday, although he has stated that UNICEF is setting a deadline for the vaccination.

Kenya had announced that it was left with less than 100,000 doses of the vaccine with many Kenyans worried about not receiving the vaccine for the second time.

The Secretary of the Kenya Health Council has warned Kenyans that the first dose reduces the risk of infection by up to 70 percent, and it is better that they get the first dose than not at all. The availability of the second dose of corona vaccine in Kenya is hampered by a shortage of such doses and delays from COVAX.

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