KCB Bank “Youth self-employment” To Overcome Concept of Employment


It was stated that in order to promote an inclusive economy as well as to help grow the economy of the individual as well as the nation as a whole, various sectors in the country have been advised to give priority to citizens, especially young people.

This was stated by the Head of Marketing, Relations and Communications of KCB Bank, Christina Manyenye while speaking to this Center where she said doing so will help many Tanzanians to get rid of the economy.

She  said KCB Bank through the “Youth self-employment” program has benefited young people including about 304 women in various regions while on October 18 another 200 young people are expected to start their studies at the Veta Vocational Training College.


“If you look at since we started this program in 2016 256 women have benefited from classroom training but also practical training in their offices to look at what they were taught entrepreneurship and how they can keep records of their finances and businesses as well as finding markets. five each to develop their business “said Christina.

Head of Marketing, Relations and Communications of KCB Bank, Christina Manyenye

She  also said that the program has continued to expand in various parts of the country including Zanzibar, Morogoro, Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Moshi.

At the same time Christina said that in recognition of the Government’s contribution to the private sector, KCB Bank has provided approximately 63 billion shillings since its inception in the country as a tax to the Government.


“KCB Bank is a good taxpayer where it has so far invested 63 billion, and annually we pay various taxes including VAT, corporate tax and tax law, all of which we put together is 13 billion a year” she added. Christina.

However she said within three years the Bank hopes to reach about 700 young people to provide entrepreneurship education with the aim of helping these young people to overcome the concept of employment.



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