KCB Bank Money Transfer Services


KCB Bank Money Transfer Services. Enjoy quick and reliable international money transfers through a global network of more than 200 countries. To send or receive a Cross Border Money Transfer, you do not need a bank account. It is as easy as visiting a KCB Bank branch with your Identification Document or downloading the KCB App to deposit the transfer into your bank account.

KCB Bank Money Transfer Services


International money transfer is now easier than ever. You can send or receive money to and from anywhere in the world. You can withdraw money at any KCB bank branch. All you require is the secret code from the sender and a form of identification, and then you’re all set.

Requirements for sending

  • A valid ID

(For non-Tanzanians)  

  • A valid passport
  • Copy of Work/Residence Permit
  • VISA for tourists
  • Receiver’s supportive documents
  • Transfer amount plus charges

Requirements for receiving money

  • A valid ID
  • MTCN – Money Transfer Control Number
  • Knowledge of amount being received
  • Knowledge of the test question and answer

Western Union

Need to send money to your loved ones anywhere in the world? You can now send money for school fees, upkeep, capital for a business, cash for an investment or any reason swiftly and securely.


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