KariaKoo Gas prevents traders from continuing their activities

The Commissioner General of the Fire and Rescue Service, John Masunga, has said that due to the size of the burnt area, there will still be unsafe gas, so traders will not be able to carry out their activities until they are notified.

Masunga made the statement on Sunday, July 11, when he visited the market for inspections of the affected area.

He said fire reports were received at the Ilala Fire Station at 20:40 Masunga said until tomorrow it would not be possible for traders to resume their activities due to the presence of unsuitable gas.

KariaKoo Gas prevents traders from continuing their activities

“I have come here to inspect and check the fire area, in fact I have seen the fire was very large and the work of extinguishing the fire was well done because the Fire and Rescue Service was well prepared.

“We had two challenges during the firefighting, first here in Kariakoo Market the water supply points do not provide water, so we had to go far and the second problem is people surrounding the scene which caused our vehicles to fail to enter and exit easily, ”said Masunga.

He said the firefighting work has been completed and what follows is an investigation to know source of the fire.

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