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Job Opportunities Geita Town Council. It is located between 1,100 to 1,300 meters above sea level. It is also available between 2o8 to 3o28 threads south of the equator and 32o45 to 37o threads east of Greenwich. Geita Town Council borders Geita District Council, Sengerema District and Nyang’hwale District and covers an area of ​​1080.3 square kilometers.

Geita Town Council gained the status of a Council after following all legal procedures and was published in the Gazette. Government No. 280 of 24 August 2012 and Certificate of Registration issued on 5 September 2012. The law used to authorize the Authority and the location of the City Council is Act No. 8 of 1982.

Job Opportunities Geita Town Council

Geita Town has announced new job opportunities for Tanzanian to fill available posts. For more information get attached PDF file below


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