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Job Opportunities At Nzega Town Council

Nzega Town Council is part of Nzega District Tabora Region and was established in 2014. Nzega Town Council is one of the 8 Tabora Regional Councils, which are Nzega District Council, Tabora Municipality, Urambo, Kaliua, Sikonge, Uyui, and Igunga.

The residents of Nzega Town Council are a mix of different ethnic groups which are Sukuma, Nyamwezi, Waha and Nyaramba. The tribe that is home to this Council is the Sukuma. Nzega rose to the status of being the authority of the Small Town in a year.

The pace of expansion of Nzega Town increased gradually and by 12/9/2014 it rose to status and became a City Council. Given the various opportunities available geographically, economically and environmentally, efforts are being made through various Councils and Stakeholders to develop City Council in various fields to achieve the status of the Municipality in the near future.


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